Malang In Malas

Malang In Malas

by Ishhaara Jewellery on Dec 20, 2022

Royal and elegant are the two perfect words to describe Malas. Whether you love the grand aesthetic or are looking to add some magnificence to your look, Malas are an ideal choice. Lending an ethereal style and a touch of magic, they can amp up any ethnic look. 
Up the colour quotient with these bright, beaded & layered masterpieces. From pearly layers to beaded victorian pieces, these strings will leave you spoilt for choice.  
Here are the top 5 Malas everyone has been loving.
This 'White Long Cheed bead Haar' will give your ensemble a touch of grandeur. 
POV: You found the perfect necklace in this 'Flower Pendant Beaded Set.
Pick your perfect Triple Layered Pearl Necklace Set 
This Baroque White Cheed Beads Set is definitely a head-turner! 
 Get your dream queenly look with this Victorian Semi Precious Layered Set.