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Diamond Choker with Earings

Excellent Product

I am stunned at the quality and delivery followup. They are prompt and the variety is unbelievable. I have not seen a collection like this ever before

- @annie_le, Banglore

Diamond Choker

Craftmanship Work

When I received the package, the glitter got me awestruck. The detailing is unparalleled. They look exactly like how I imagined it. Beautiful and stunning from every angle. Totally recommend Ishhaara

-, @aish_chand97, Chennai

Fan Earring - Silver

Looks Nice

I can spend hours on the website. It's an experience in itself. I love their kundan collection their best and the diamond choker is the best purchase ever. It's a top seller for a reason. I can't wait for another occassion for another purchase. Thank you Ishhaara

Wednesday, Jan 26, 2019

115x x 115xpx

Excellent Artwork

Nam tempus turpis at metus cosmo scelerisque placerat nulla deumantos solicitud de felis. Quisquemos sodales suscipit tortor condimentum. Pellentesque diam delos...

- @joliee, Gujarat

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