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Ishhaara Silver Diamond Choker With Earrings
Ishhaara Silver Diamond Choker With Earrings
Ishhaara Silver Diamond Choker With Earrings
Ishhaara Silver Diamond Choker With Earrings
Ishhaara Silver Diamond Choker With Earrings
Ishhaara Silver Diamond Choker With Earrings
Ishhaara Silver Diamond Choker With Earrings
Ishhaara Silver Diamond Choker With Earrings
Ishhaara Silver Diamond Choker With Earrings
Ishhaara Silver Diamond Choker With Earrings
Ishhaara Silver Diamond Choker With Earrings
Ishhaara Silver Diamond Choker With Earrings

Silver Diamond Choker With Earrings

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 Diamonds are a girl's best friend, and rightly so. Be it ethnic wear or a cocktail gown, this versatile diamond necklace set can go with different outfits. Made from stainless steel and sturdy diamonds, this will make a perfect sparkle, excluding timeless beauty and charm. The earrings, in combination with the coker, complement the neckline of your outfit perfectly, making a statement. The shine of diamonds of different sizes can instantly catch attention, making it elegant to wear. 

Preview of the Necklace Set

 Confidently embrace your inner sparkle and let your features shine with the necklace set. Check out the special features of how it's made special. 

 1. Anti-tarnish: We won’t let the spark die. With advanced anti-tarnish coating solutions and the latest technology, the necklace won’t lose its shine to environmental damage. 

 2. Stainless steel: For its durability to be maintained for years to come, it is made from stainless steel, which ensures that its timeless elegance remains intact without any compromise. 

 3. Hypoallergenic: You can now wear this necklace for extended periods without worrying about it giving rashes, allergic reactions, or bumps to the skin. 

 4: Gemstones: The most steady and durable gemstones of high quality are set in place by our skilled craftsmen. 

 Jewellery care

 Keep this necklace in a cool, clean, and dry place away from moisture and harsh lights once not in use. Seal it into a box or zip it up in packets to avoid scratching or tangling with other jewellery. Refrain from putting lotion, perfume, or other harsh chemicals so close to the necklace. 

Embrace the Spark You’re Proud Of

Let this necklace be a testimonial of personal significance, give it to loved ones, or make it a part of the signal of accomplishment, boosting self-confidence. Don’t sit on this sparkly necklace; get your pair now. 

Ishhaara Silver Diamond Choker With Earrings

Silver Diamond Choker With Earrings

Regular price Rs. 799.00
Sale price Rs. 799.00 Regular price Rs. 1,598.00
Unit price

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