Madhuri Dixit jewellery collection

Madhuri Dixit is an evergreen beauty who has given terrific films and fashion moments. She is still on top of her game. From her ethnic looks to her formal events, her exotic fashion choices make our heads turn. Inspired by her, Ishhaara brings you similar jewellery pieces that Madhuri Dixit has worn, so now you can flaunt them too. Her collection is best for ethnic and indo-western outfits. The royal look of any traditional Indian jewellery is unmatched. But what is truly remarkable is flaunting this traditional craftsmanship confidently. The Indian jewellery collection is touching global heights with its mind-blowing designs and detail techniques that only a skilled craftsman can perform. Ishhaara promotes that raw talent by presenting you with jewellery that is handmade by our craftsmen. The precious stones and detailing through the polki technique enhance the Indian outfits by complementing the occasion too.We all want to have our Indian princess moments, and what better way to start than with jewellery that can change the whole game altogether? 

The collection inspired by Madhuri Dixit features polki stone Ad earrings, double-layered polki bangles, and classic polki stone rings. These designs have become sensations that everybody loves and wants to have. The vision behind Ishhaara is to provide designs that are not only accessible to the elite. It believes in luxury with affordability. This collection will give you the experience of dressing like your favourite star. It celebrates storytelling and self-expression during festivals and weddings. It gives a broader fashion sense that has the power to empower and inspire. And Ishhaara celebrates this self-expression of love: confidently wearing pieces that you wish to have when you see them on your favourite celebrity. So why not add a touch of star power to your wardrobe and sparkle like the celebrity you love?

The 'It' List

Step up the ladder of fashion with our ‘it’ collection. Find jewellery sets for the wedding, from traditional Indian jewellery to rings. Buy these handcrafted pieces of jewellery online that are captivating and radiate luxury.

Discover the Features of the Madhuri Dixit Jewellery Collection:

Every Ishhaara piece of jewellery is made with the customer in mind. It thrives on making jewellery that will be cherished and loved for a long time. Styling it on occasions where happy memories are created and looking back at the jewellery reminds you of it. 

 Hence, each Ishhaara Madhuri Dixit-inspired collection is:

1: Brass metal

2-Real gold polish

3-Pure polki stones

4- Have precious pearls

 Not only this, but every piece of jewellery is hand-made by our skilled craftsmen who choose metals of high quality.

Delve into the Madhuri Dixit Jewellery Collection:

1. Polki Stone Ring: Who doesn’t like catching attention with just a hand flick? Certainly, Madhuri Dixit does. She chose this light blue polki stone ring because it looked elegant on the finger. It is adorned with light blue gemstones that cover the whole ring and give it more compliments and questions about the purchase. 

This lightweight ring doesn’t weigh down the hand if worn for long formal events or family gatherings. It looks best paired with ethnic dresses and indo-western outfits. 

Madhuri Dixit looked gorgeous, pairing it with a light blue ethnic dress with heavy jewellery for an Indian event. 

2: Polki stone AD earrings: Shine that can be blinding? Yes, please. This polki stone AD earring is made from unpolished American diamonds set into gold foil. The polki technique gives a lustrous look to the earring in a subtle, raw way. 

This is a drop-shape earring that gives an elegant look to an outfit. It oozes glamour in a very put-together way. It is best for weddings and festivals. You can pair it with heavy lehengas and sarees. 

Nowadays, pastels are in style, and heavy polki earrings are the top choice to add weight to muted outfits. Whether it’s a night wedding or a sunset one across the beach, these polki stone AD earrings will complement every ethnic or Indo-Western dress at any time. 

Madhuri Dixit looked like a lethal beauty while pairing this earring with a yellow saree. 

3: Double-layered kundan polki bangle: Traditionals always add beauty to the outfit. One such tradition is wearing bangles on auspicious occasions. Bangles look quite elegant paired with ethnic wear. Be it a wedding or any special occasion, bangles have a timeless beauty to them. These double-layered Kundan polki bangles have a design that looks royal. Not one but two different polki designs are decorated on these bangles. Madhuri Dixit paired these bangles with a dark pink Indo-Western outfit.

Embark on the Madhuri Dixit World of Jewellery:

Elevate your style with the timeless elegance of Madhuri Dixit-inspired jewellery. Our collection has jewellery she carries with grace, sophistication, and allure that describes her fashion sense. 

 From earrings to bangles, our jewellery commands attention with designs that are versatile enough to complement every festive or wedding occasion.

Indulge in the luxurious craftsmanship and attention to detail with the elegance of these designs. Whether you’re a fan of her classic style or her modern look, we have everything for everyone to love. 

Now, you can flaunt your accessories that are inspired by your favourite actress in the most stylish way.


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