Meenakari Jewellery

Meenakari Jewellery: Embracing Tradition with a Touch of Modern Flair

When it comes to traditional occasions, it is all about styling traditionally yet looking modern. With the fusion of elegant and traditional styling, Meenakari jewellery is undoubtedly the best. Meenakari is a symbol of Indian craftsmanship and feminism.

The gold and silver jewellery are made unique with a coating of coloured enamels. This ancient jewellery is also trendy among celebrities—the B-town Divas love wearing Meenakari gold jewellery for all their looks, from big weddings to blockbuster movies.

Alia Bhatt in Meenakari Jhumkas
The gorgeous Alia Bhatt was spotted wearing a beautiful Meenakari Jhumkas. The jhumka had intricate designs with blue enamel. The star opted for a classy look with simple clothing and makeup. She had free hair which added more grace to her casual look.
Nextup in our list is Deepika Padukone. This multi talented diva makes fashion statements in all her looks. She wore a heavy red Meenakari choker for her movie Padmavat. This meenakari gold jewellery was styled top-notch on her whole bridal look. The Diva was spotted wearing a heavy yellow lehenga, completing her wedding look.
You can shop a similar Meenakari choker set from the Ishhara’s. This jewellery makes fashion statements on any occasion. It has a square geometrically and is coated with pink enamel. The jhumka pair also has a square geometry with a beautiful jhumka dazzling below.

How Do You Style Meenakari Jewellery for Different Occasions?

Let’s have a deeper look into how to style meenakari jewellery with various outfits:

1. The Big Day!

On the wedding day, every bride wants her best look. The Meenakari necklace set is a must-add to your wedding shopping list. It is a great wedding investment that is ever-lasting and can be passed down as a heirloom.

This enamelled jewellery is also popular among celebrities' wedding occasions. They are trendy and traditional as well. Always choose contrasting jewellery for your outfit. This contrast styling gives you a premium bridal look.

Royal Meenakari Necklace Earring And Teeka Set
At Ishhaara, we have a wide range of bridal Meenakari necklace sets that can add grace to your wedding day. They are crafted with immense care and intricate details. The jewellery set in this image has a centrepiece that contains a gorgeous natural heavy stone.

2. Traditional Occasions

Meenakari jewellery is versatile. You can style it for any occasion, all you have to know is how to style them perfectly. When you are wearing heavy attire, go for simple pastel-coloured jewellery. If you are wearing simple attire, go for heavy jewellery. This type of styling makes you look elegant.

The public speaking fame, Paloma Rao was spotted wearing a bright lavender-coloured western outfit for Diwali. She decided to pair her attire with Ishhaara’s dazzling lilac Meenakari necklace set.

Paloma Rao in Kundan Necklace Set
This exquisite jewellery has excellent craftsmanship with brass and precious stones. The jewellery has multicoloured enamels that add luxury to your festive look. They are available in various colours to match your designer wear.

Kinjal, the famous digital content creator was also seen adorned in Ishhaara’s choker set. Her Ganesh Chaturthi post went viral on Instagram. She was spotted wearing a maroon dress with simple designs of silver embroidery. The star paired her dress with a Meena-painted Patchi choker set.
Kinjal in Meena Painted Patchi Choker Set
The choker set has details of pink, white and silver enamel which made her look stunning. She also let her hair free with minimal make-up. People loved this look as she looked gorgeous with minimal effort.

3. Parties

These wonderful pieces of jewellery can also be styled for parties. When it comes to parties, the Kundan Meenakari necklace is a beautiful choice. They complete your party wear and make your styling look flawless.

meenakari jewellery set
This meenakari jewellery set is detailed with light green enamel. This piece of art looks stunning and contrasts with all your party wear. This necklace also comes with a subtle earring that looks simple and marvellous.

4. Daily Look

You can pair meenakari jewellery with your casual saree, kurti or western dresses as well. The Ved movie fame, Jiya Shankar makes it mandatory to attract people with her awesome fashion sense. This Diva adorned a dazzling Meenakari earring for her casual photoshoot. These earrings are crafted with Chandbali Kundan pearl earrings with pink enamel.

Jiya Shankar In Meenakari Stone Pearl Brass Chandbali Earrings
The actress paired this earring with a sleeveless white dress with designs of pink and blue embroidery. The star opted for free curls that completed her casual look.

When it comes to your office looks, meenakari multi-colour bangles are a must-have. You can simply pair your office kurta set with a multi-coloured bangle to make you look both professional and bold. A single meenakari bangle paired up with a minimal or plain kurta is all you need.
meenakari multi-colour bangles


Traditional and antique jewellery never goes out of trend. Meenakari jewellery is versatile and can be styled for any occasion and any skin tone. They are perfect for all looks, from your wedding day to your office look. This artificial jewellery is an essential accessory if you decide to make fashion statements.


1. What is the significance of Meenakari jewellery?

Ans. Meenakari jewellery exhibits the historic craftsmanship of India. They are a symbol of feminism and Indian tradition. They make normal metal jewellery look more colourful. Usually, jewellery of gold, silver and copper is coated with coloured enamel to elevate the look of the jewellery. This design makes you look premium and traditional.

2. Which city is famous for Meenakari jewellery?

Ans. India is well known for its unique art of jewellery. Meenakari is one of the famous types of Indian jewellery. They are famous in the state of Rajasthan. This jewellery is popular in the pink city of India, Jaipur. They are also loved in other states of India like Gujarat, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh. Their popularity is spreading among all other states of India too.

3. What is the price of Meenakari jewellery?

Ans. Every investment made in Meenakari jewellery is worth your money. They are long-lasting and versatile. There are wide collections from Meenakari necklace sets to Meenakari bangles. They are made of intricate designs and detailed enamel colours. The prices of this jewellery range from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 20,000 and so on.

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