Kirti Kharbanda's bridal wedding look

Nail your wedding look with Kirti Kharbanda's bridal wedding look

Wedding day is something close to the heart of every couple as it happens once in a lifetime and the bride and groom’s appearance is a very important aspect of any wedding event. Lately, you can witness that many celebrities set new trends by wearing customised jewellery and outfits for their wedding ceremony and Kriti Kharbanda is no exception.

If you're planning to slay on your special day, then take cues from Kirti Kharbanda’s stunning bridal look. Now, let's decode her wedding outfit and accessories to help you achieve your dreamy wedding look.

The Wedding

For Kirti Kharbanda, every moment from pre- to post-wedding was filled with magical moments and she will cherish those moments for a lifetime. On March 15, 2024, Kriti Kharbanda married her sweetheart actor Pulkit Samrat in Haryana and the pics from the wedding event were highly intriguing and Instagram-worthy.

Kirti Kharbanda Weeding

The Bride and Groom look

Kirti Kharbanda, looked like an heirloom worthy princess in her pale Pink lehenga, which was appliqued with lovely mint-coloured floral and leaf designs, and it was gracefully paired with a long organza dupatta. Her minimal make-up look emphasised her appearance, making her the main attraction on her wedding day.

Pulkit Samrat, on the other hand chose to match with Kriti Kharbanda’s outfit by wearing a mint-coloured sherwani embroidered with the historical Gayatri Mantra. The elaborated details on the sherwani added a charming and stylish touch. He seamlessly paired his outfit with a mint green Safa with a blush pink lining, perfectly matching Kirti's outfit. The blend of colours and detailing made both the bride and groom’s wedding attire truly mesmerising. Let's take a closer look at their exquisite jewellery choices.
Kriti Kharbanda’s outfit

1. Necklace

Kirti Kharbanda opted for a simple bridal necklace set instead of a heavy bridal choker necklace set. The craftsmanship of the necklace was truly mesmerising, and one couldn't help but admire the attention to detail that had gone into creating such a stunning piece of jewellery. The necklace set was made of intricate kundan stone on a gold base, which was eye-catching and highlighted her ensemble.
Kirti Kharbanda bridal necklace set
On the other hand, to enhance his overall look, Pulkit complemented his attire with a stunning Rani haar that combined the elegance of white pearls and beads with the refreshing hue of mint.
Pulkit in Rani haar
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Raani haar 2

2. Earring

The bride wore a beautiful pair of medium length kundan studded earrings. These earrings were an excellent match for her necklace and completed her bridal look flawlessly. The earring included delicate kundan work that was nothing less but magnificent, adding grandeur to her bridal appearance. The earrings were not domineering, yet they made a statement on their own, highlighting Kirti’s natural beauty and charm.

Similarly, Pulkit chose a matching simple look by pairing delicate set of Kundan studs that added a sense of refinement to his look. The combination of Rani haar and the stud worked perfectly to take his appearance to the next level.
Kirti Kharbanda in kundan studded earrings
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Earrings at Ishhaara

3. Ring

The rings that she chose to wear were magnificent. She had a stunning combination of two rings on her fingers - one of them was dainty and delicate, while the second one was quite large and had a dark pink precious stone beatified with diamonds around it that caught everyone’s attention. The contrast between the two rings was simply superb, and it added a touch of elegance and sophistication to her outfit. Similarly, Pulkit wore a simple ring on one finger and the same ring design as Kirti Kharbanda, on the other finger matching his outfit.
Kundan Rings at Ishhaara
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Kundan Ruby Ring - Red

4. Kaleera

The beautiful bride shared pics of her bridal kaleeras and captioned ‘While we did things our way, a few things were still old school.’ The kaleera she wore on her wedding was very detailed with Chand designs, large to small golden jhumkas and hangings with writing ‘You will marry me.’ Which was so heart touching to cherish for a lifetime.
Bridal Kaleera

5. Nath and Maang tikka

On her big day, Kirti Kharbanda chose to embrace traditional pieces of jewellery by donning a Kundan Nath - a significant piece of jewellery in Indian weddings, while other famous celebrity brides like Kiara Advani and Rakul Preet opted to forgo this accessory, Kriti was an exception.
Additionally, Kirti’s classic look was elevated by kundan studded maang tikka, which added a touch of elegance and cultural significance to her overall appearance.
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Naths and Maang Teeka


Kirti and her groom looked absolutely stunning in their contrast pastel Raang outfits. The colours of their ensembles were perfectly blended, creating a harmonious and visually appealing display that left everyone awestruck.
And their choice of jewellery was simple, sleek, yet elegant creating a unified and cohesive wedding look. Their overall appearance was truly a feast for the eyes and made a lasting impression on all who witnessed their special day.


1. What is the inspiration behind Kirti Kharbanda’s bridal jewellery designs?
Ans. The inspiration behind Kirti Kharbanda’s bridal jewellery designs are traditional Rajasthani motifs and styles. These designs typically feature intricate detailing including colourful gemstones and luxurious gold.

2. Where can I purchase Kirti Kharbanda’s bridal jewellery collections?
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3. What types of jewellery are included in Kriti Kharbanda’s collection?
Ans. Kriti Kharbanda’s choice of jewellery for her wedding is an exquisite range of jewellery that is perfect for brides for their wedding. Kirti Kharbanda’s jewellery collection includes an impressive variety of kundan and diamond bridal jewellery sets that are sure to steal the show on any big day.
From intricately designed necklace and earrings to stunning kaleeras and rings, each piece in the collection is crafted to perfection with utmost attention to detail.
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