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The Best of Cannes 2022: Celebrities, Bloggers and more

Every year, since 1946, The Cannes Film Festival has been held in the month of May to showcase new movies and documentaries of different languages and genres. Over time, the prestigious film festival became more than just a platform to promote and sell films, it became THE red carpet event of the year.

The highest honour awarded might be the 'Palme d'Or', but everyone has their eyes, ears, body and claws set out to be the best dressed of the event. The Red carpet is a haven for designers to showcase their best.

Deepika Padukone - Actress, Producer, Activist and now jury member of the Cannes film festival 2022. She looked ethereal in her first press conference wearing Head to toe Sabyasachi. We, at Ishhaara have another take on the jewellery that would also go perfectly with her outfit.

Over time a lot has changed, with the advent of social media and the rise of influencers and 'insta-celebrities' - film festivals like Cannes and exclusive events such as the Met Ball, have managed to bridge the gap between fashion's elite and content creators with 'mass appeal'. This year, there has been an influx of Indian representation at the Cannes Film Festival. Thanks to their partnership with L'Oreal Paris.

Indian influencer - Masoom Minawala, a third time attendee always hits it out of the park with her looks. Her outfit at the Indian Pavillion highlighted Indian craftsmanship. The outfit designed by Amit Agarwal was a winner. Ishhaara jewellery that would complement the look are given below.

At Ishhaara, we offer designer jewellery that look like your favourite celebrities, while paying a fraction of the price.

Stay tuned for more Cannes fashion!

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