This is how you style like the Fashion guru herself! - Ishhaara

This is how you style like the Fashion guru herself!

Here's how we answer your style dilemmas.


Masoom Minnawal, Indian Influences with 1+ M followers on Instagram, styling our emerald choker.


We have been swamped all these years with Ideas of Jewelry and styling and how to match up with the competition, when do we roll out the next design, how do we approach the stylists, how do we stay relevant. But everything is a gradual yet fulfilling process and progress.


Once we start getting the reliability certificate from beauty influencers and Celebrities, we knew it was all worth it. We are on the MAP.


We witnessed another styling portfolio by our favourite @masoomminawala , won't harm to say she loves our emerald choker and we love it Apart from the fact that she supports Indian designers/artisans/craftsmen, she is a humble and noble human, it is quiet evident from her selfless support to brands hailing from India and unapologetic love for Indian craftsmanship.

For any avid jewelry lover, our website has over 1000+ designs in over 100+ colors and Range.


Do follow us on Instagram for styling videos, guide as to how you purchase from our website, and also we post a new design, EVERYDAY ! Yes, Its an everyday work, be incessant, be up to date, be ahead from your old self.


Bollywood actress Tapsee Pannu styling our Earrings for her Movie promotions. Its very flattering to know when big brands associate with us, trusting us in the process and recommending us to their followers and fans, Tapsee Pannu very effortlessly carries her style and surely seem to Indulge in shopping with us.


She also styled our most popular DIAMOND CHOKER during a sun-kissed Holiday with her siblings. Isn't she a beaut? oh yes, Tapsee as well :P


Basking the sun in Maldives, Tapsee carrying our Diamond Choker in style.


Ishhaara ranges from Chokers to pendants to rings to anklets, we got you covered for any occasion, any theme and any budget. For any business to thrive, all it takes is a little bit of luck, a whole lot of courage and patience and an ocean full of Hard work, and yes, a lot of dealing with makers.


Always proud to be an Indian Brand, shipping globally across the world and servicing at our fullest capacity, working towards style and statement.


Available on Nykaa & Amazon as well. Cheers!

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