Semi Precious Jewellery

The stylish, fashionable, and colourful ranges of semi-precious jewellery make them stand out for women. These semi-precious stone jewellery items are perfect for any occasion because they are available in a selection of styles to accommodate a diverse range of needs and tastes. Whatever your degree of accessory skill and your fondness for online shopping for Indian traditional jewellery, you must have a collection of timeless, classic multi-stone semi-precious jewellery.

Do the elaborate patterns on this stunning women's jewellery pique your interest? I understand that you are thrilled to have added the latest semi-precious jewellery to your collection. We've selected the best collections of traditional jewellery for you to consider when you go shopping next. Are you prepared to read on? Stay put with us as we reveal everything there is to know about semi-precious bead jewellery!



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The 'It' List

Step up the ladder of fashion with our ‘it’ collection. Find jewellery sets for the wedding, from traditional Indian jewellery to rings. Buy these handcrafted pieces of jewellery online that are captivating and radiate luxury.

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Exclusive Semi-Precious Jewellery Options Await at Ishhaara

Accessorising any outfit with semi-precious jewellery is an ideal way to add flair. These semi-precious stones' vivid colours can quietly attract and focus attention on you. Even while some semi-precious jewellery has a more subdued appearance, precious jewels nevertheless have the same emotional value. We provide you with a variety of semi-precious stone jewellery to choose from, whether you want to add a green necklace or accessories with a Kundan or motif ring to your collection of classic traditional jewellery.

At Ishhaara, our exquisite selection of women's jewellery lines features fine multi-stone semi-precious jewellery. While all semi-precious jewellery is exquisite, Ishhaara has exclusive styles that you haven't seen before. Each collection has a special meaning and sentimental worth for the owner.

Our collection of the latest semi-precious jewellery features a variety of semi-precious stones, for instance, choker necklaces, Kundan hair bands, oversized rings, motifs earrings and a lot more. In addition, each collection we have is expertly crafted with semi-precious stones. For special occasions, get-togethers, or your bridal ensemble, you can choose from either collection. We have semi-precious jewellery in our assortment, so you can customise your choices to suit every taste.

Types of Gemstones in Ishhaara Semi-precious Jewellery Line

Are you willing to know more about the gemstones we use to craft the intricate semi-precious jewellery? Each carefully chosen piece of our semi-precious jewellery features unique shapes and patterns that enhance the appeal of any ensemble. These patterns range from the power and wealth of diamonds to the vibrant green of emeralds; onyx is renowned for its alluring charms; gunmetal is known for aiding in the grounding of your mind, body, and spirit; and turquoise is known for bringing protection, good fortune, and abundance into your life.

You can also discover the regal splendour of amethyst, the cheery glow of citrine, and rose quartz, and the sparkling shine of zircon among our product variety. Not only that, but there's more: this collection of traditional jewellery also features the wisdom of jade, the timeless beauty of pearls, and the striking presence of lapis lazuli. Each piece is expertly made to ooze originality and refinement, making it appropriate for any occasion.

Best-Selling Semi-Precious Jewellery Picks from Ishhaara

Not yet influenced? Take a look at our carefully chosen selection of semi-precious jewellery and update your wardrobe right away!

1.Victorian Semi-precious Layered Set

This Victorian layered adorned with multi-stone semi-precious jewellery by Ishhaara is made with pearls and stones and is meant to be worn rarely. This necklace is available in a variety of hues to suit your mood for fashion whenever you want. This collection's ethnic grace makes you look stunning.

2.Long Onyx Kundan Necklace 

The long onyx Kundan necklace is a perfect piece of jewellery for ladies that goes well with the majority of conventional looks. Inspired by a grandmother, this collection of Ishhaara women's jewellery features vivid semi-precious stones, accents, and pearls to give the various jewellery designs a contemporary touch.

3.Citrine Diamond Earrings 

Introducing our Citrine diamond earrings, a semi-precious stone jewellery to your collection. It is a terrific purchase, believe us. This set of oval citrine stones and diamonds is a timeless traditional jewellery that can destroy bad ideas and foster mental growth, boosting confidence and clarity.

4.Dual Layered Emerald Polki Set

This Dual Layered Emerald Polki Set from our latest semi-precious jewellery is perfect for adding a royal touch! Wear this collection of traditional jewellery that is covered with gems to embrace the magnificent atmosphere. This collection of women's jewellery featuring matching earrings and a necklace made of gold-plated brass and beads is perfect to light up any event you go to.

5.Turquoise Bridal Polki Set

Check out our exquisite Turquoise Bridal Polki Set, an intricate artificial jewellery, crafted from brass that has been plated in gold, embellished with polki, Kundan, and turquoise stones and includes matching dangler earrings. To look trendy and project a regal aura, wear it with a modern sari.

Shop Semi-Precious Jewellery for Your Wardrobe at Ishhaara!

The striking and elegant nature of semi-precious stone jewellery makes every woman who wears it stand out. Women frequently search their closets for semi-precious jewellery to accessorise themselves and look gorgeous for any occasion. Ishhaara specialises in producing exquisite, high-end semi-precious jewellery that you may wear with any outfit you choose since we recognise that every woman has different needs and desires.

You may look stunning everywhere you go by simply accessorising your hands, neck, and ears with the perfect pieces. You don't even need to wear very elegant clothing from your closet. See the reasons why you should buy artificial semi-precious jewellery from Ishhaara and invest in semi-precious stones.

  1. Elevate Your Style Effortlessly: 

The artificial jewellery by Ishhaara elevates your appearance by combining the glitz of semi-precious stones with elegant metal castings for a refined style.

  1. Nurture Your Spirituality: 

With Ishhaara's jewellery, you can feel the uplifting energy of traditional jewellery set with semi-precious stones, encouraging clarity, inner calm, and other spiritual advantages like self-assurance and inventiveness.

  1. Affordable Variety: 

With Ishhaara's variety of semi-precious bead jewellery, you can expand your artificial jewellery collections affordably and have the flexibility to experiment with different styles without breaking the bank.

  1. Traditional or Modern, Your Choice: 

Discover a wide selection of women's jewellery selections at Ishhaara, including modern Western styles and traditional ethnic pieces, and look forward to accessorising any event, whenever you choose.

Hold on! Make your way right to the store to buy artificial semi-precious jewellery and discover the curated selection of jewellery with semi-precious stones. Your jewellery boxes will be shouting for more once you discover your fave women's jewellery here!


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