From the Jewellery Box of Alanna Pandey

Alanna Panday is a social media personality who took it by storm with classic, minimalist jewellery during her baby shower recently held. She is a testimony that minimalism can be beautiful too. From the same beautiful day of her life, we have brought you a small token of love as a jewellery collection. A beautiful heart-shaped pearl statement ring.

A Preview of the Heart-Shaped Pearl Ring

Know the features of your favourite ring and what it has to offer: 

1. Anti-tarnish: Such heart-shaped pearl rings can be everyday jewellery for many. You can wear it to college, the office, or after the office for a quick catch-up. So automatically, there is the lingerie fear that your favourite piece of jewellery is going to lose all its shine over time, but that’s not the case with Ishhaara jewellery. You can flaunt the rings without worrying about losing their lustre. The ring is coated with advanced anti-tarnish solutions that prevent environmental damage. 

 2: Waterproof: Those poolside parties demand some jewellery fashion and style, and this ring is apt for it. Sweet and simple. Take a dip at the pool and beat the hat this summer with our waterproof and sweatproof ring with style. 

 3-Gemstone: The heart-shaped gemstone is the real beauty of this ring. With the high-quality pearl detailing in place, this muted ring is the perfect testimonial to a combination of timeless beauty and elegance. 

4: Handcrafted: Combine our stories. Our story of the handmade passion and love of our skilled craftsmen is sent to you; attach your memories and love to it. Ishhaara is a sustainable brand that promotes the raw beauty and skills of our craftsmen.

Learn About Alanna Panday's Baby Shower Jewellery

Heart-shaped statement ring: Don’t we all enjoy attention and validation even when we are not seeking it? The heart-shaped statement ring is exactly that; it attracts the eyes even without trying. This is effortlessly the most beautiful pearl ring that catches attention. 

The gold detailing, in combination with the white muted pearl, is something that will go for any occasion. Be it western wear, formal outfits for offices, or contemporary outfits, this ring fits all the boxes. 

For a fairy-soft aesthetic, this is the perfect ring. The feminine energy it exudes is something all women will cherish dearly. This ring symbolises love, commitment, and promise with a heart-shaped motif that is polished and shiny. Whether worn as a promise ring, engagement ring, or simply an everyday ring.

Jewellery Care

Keep these rings in a cool, clean, and dry place away from moisture and harsh lights. To increase the shelf life, keep the ring sealed in a box or zipped in a packet to avoid scratching and tangling with other jewellery. Refrain from putting moisturiser, perfume, and other harsh chemicals too close to the ring.


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