Karishma Kapoor jewellery collection

If we could describe Karishma Kapoor in one word, it would be classy, royal, and evergreen. Well, these are more than one word because you can’t contain her beauty in one. She ruled the late ’80s and early 90s like the queen she is. Whether it is the movies or the events, you can see Karishma showering Karishma with her beauty and fashion sense. She has given the world iconic moments that will go down in the pages of history. This bold and passionate beauty never fails to amaze us with her choices. Even after decades, she continues to rule the hearts of many people. At Ishhaara, we encourage such contributions and have curated a collection of women’s jewellery pieces inspired by the evergreen beauty Karishma Kapoor. Her collection consists of Mayur Parna stud earrings and an oxidised heart chakra ring. 

 Oxidised women’s jewellery has seen its rise in the fashion world because of the raw and bohemian look it gives. The rustic look looks extremely beautiful in contrast with different outfits. The best feature of oxidised women’s jewellery is its versatility, allowing you to wear it with different outfits. Be it Indian, western, or contemporary, You can always carry oxidised artificial jewellery in different ways and experiment with different occasions. Oxidised artificial jewellery looks best as time goes by, and due to its nature, it gets more appreciation. Karishma Kapoor wore this collection of pieces on different occasions, showing the balance oxidised women’s jewellery can create with both Western and traditional outfits.

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Peek into the Features of Karishma Kapoor-Inspired Jewellery Online

Women’s jewellery is an investment that you must cherish for a long time; hence, look out for the features of the Karishma Kapoor jewellery collection: 

1. Rich detailing: The detailing of this oxidised jewellery is quite beautiful due to the oxidation process. Each carving is highlighted deeply, which enhances the texture of the women’s jewellery. 

2: Handcrafted: The artificial jewellery is made with passion and love by our skilled craftsmen with great detailing. At Ishhaara, we promote raw talent; hence, we bring you women’s jewellery made with great passion for the craft. Attach your stories to it and start flaunting this handmade love on different occasions. 

3. Hypoallergenic: You need not worry about an allergic reaction to the Karishma Kapoor-inspired jewellery. The metal used in making them is safe for sensitive skin and can be worn for a longer period of time without worrying about rashes, itching, or small bumps on the skin.

Check out the Karishma Kapoor Jewellery Collection

1. Oxidised heart chakra ring: Small details have the power to capture big attention. This oxidised heart chakra is the perfect example of it. It is a statement ring worn by Karishma Kapoor with a blue and white Indo-Western outfit. The flower carving in the middle of the ring is its most prominent feature. The eight flower petals are see-through, which makes it quirky. You can wear this ring with traditional and contemporary outfits; it will elevate the look quite beautifully. The oxidation process makes the detailing on the earrings even more beautiful. 

2: Mayur parna stud earrings: These stud earrings are in the form of the classic peacock motif, which makes them eye-catching and alluring. The oxidation process makes the detailing even more beautiful to look at. Karishma Kapoor wore these beautiful earrings with a blue and white kurta and opted for open hair that enhanced the features more. These earrings are perfect for casual, formal, and traditional gatherings. The peacock motif is made from the finest material, which ensures the durability and longevity of these earrings. The body of the peacock slightly covers the earlobe, which looks classy and quirky at the same time.

Jewellery Care

Keep these artificial jewellery in a cool, clean, and dry place away from moisture and harsh lights. To increase the shelf life, keep the pieces sealed in a box or zipped in a packet to avoid scratching and tangling with other jewellery. Refrain from putting moisturiser, perfume, and other harsh chemicals too close to the ring. 

Get your hand on the Karishma Kapoor-Inspired Jewellery Online

If you like the bohemian and rustic aesthetic this collection is perfect for you. You can explore the world of oxidation jewellery with these statement earrings that are eye-catching and beautiful. You can experiment with different outfits or maybe can gift this collection to your loved ones, who enjoy such earthy pieces of women’s jewellery. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the affordable Karishma Kapoor collection and dive into the world of artificial oxidised jewellery.


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