Mrunal Thakur Jewellery Collection

Bollywood churns out new stars constantly, captivating audiences with stories and style. Among such rising stars, Mrunal Thakur is a name to remember. Thakur's journey, from the world of television to the dazzling lights of Bollywood, has been nothing short of inspiring. Her journey might be a difficult one, but her influence is not only limited to the silver screen. This rising star shines bright in the fashion world. She rocks a cool look with a touch of sweet charm. A big part of her unique look comes from the Mrunal Thakur jewellery collection.As a woman who has a penchant for pieces of jewellery like any other woman who possesses so, she also revels in the beauty of fine jewellery. Mrunal Thakur jewellery collection has a range of pieces of different styles that features simple, elegant designs that you can wear daily and traditional sets filled with the beauty and rich cultural characteristics of Kundan work. Be it a bride looking for that perfect piece(s) or just everyday attire under enhancement, this jewellery collection by Thakur gives you lots of inspiration to choose from. So, before you go buy more accessories and add them to your closet, look at Mrunal Thakur's set for a hint of her own flair!

The 'It' List

Step up the ladder of fashion with our ‘it’ collection. Find jewellery sets for the wedding, from traditional Indian jewellery to rings. Buy these handcrafted pieces of jewellery online that are captivating and radiate luxury.

Dress Yourself in Mrunal Thakur's Iconic Jewellery Collections

1.Mrunal Thakur In Polished Dome Ring

At the recent Pinkvilla Screen and Style Icons Awards, Mrunal really stood out with her great style. She caught everyone's eye in a fancy dress, wearing a tight dress with a high slit and a stylish one-shoulder look.

She made her outfit even better with a shiny and polished dome ring from Ishhaara, a gold ring with a smooth, round top. This classic piece from Ishhaara's collection made her look more elegant, adding a rich and fancy touch. Dome rings, with their timeless look, are great for dress-up events and weddings.

2.Mrunal Thakur In Double Layered Kundan Polki Necklace

Sure, Ira Khan and Nupur Shikhare's big party was full of stars. Many famous ladies shone brightly. Mrunal Thakur made heads turn in a black outfit. Once more, she wowed all with her look for the wedding. She wore a black saree with shiny bits and flowery stitches and paired it with a double-layered Kundan Polki necklace.

She also wore stone-encrusted emerald green earrings from Ishhaara closet collections, making her wedding guest outfit look magical. This piece is just right for your wedding style, adding sparkle in a lovely way and making your look stand out.

 3.Mrunal Thakur In Patiala Choker Necklace Set

Mrunal Thakur always looks great in her classic clothes, no matter if she's at a party, wedding, or on the red carpet. Last Diwali, she wore a pretty silver top with a V-neck and long sleeves. She put on some bright bits like a big necklace, long earrings, a bright bracelet, and cute rings.

But the star of her look was a special Patiala choker necklace set by Ishhaara, which made her look more elegant in her outfit. Made from good brass and set with semi-precious stones, Ishhaara's top Kundan line fits well for big days or any day, making sure you look smart all the time.

4.Mrunal Thakur In Crystal Faux Pearl Choker Necklace Set

Mrunal Thakur often delights her fans with stunning photos of traditional costumes, perfect for any occasion. In her latest Instagram post, she looks stunning in a lime green kurta and palazzo set, paired with a matching dupatta. Accessorized with a traditional choker and dangling earrings, her face looks charming, adding a touch of elegance.

Inspired by Ishara's collection, the crystal faux pearl choker necklace set she wore with the outfit looks like a masterpiece of exquisite beauty. What grabbed our attention most was the gold choker necklace embellished with glittering pearls that decorated the necklace with grace and sophistication. This versatile accessory, with matching crystal earrings, adds a touch of glamor that allows you to shine in timeless elegance.

Embrace Elegance Inspired by Mrunal Thakur at Ishhaara

Discovering your own unique style while opting to buy Mrunal Thakur jewellery collection online is now easier with Ishhaara's stunning selection of fine jewellery. Each piece in our range, inspired by Mrunal Thakur, is carefully crafted to capture individuality, providing a pathway that celebrates: 

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  5. Affordability: We prioritize offering a variety of prices to accommodate customers with various budgets, making sure there is an option for everyone while still maintaining high-quality and stylish products. 

Why wait? Explore the world of Ishhaara and indulge in luxury and uniqueness with our exquisite jewelry collection. Browse now for Mrunal Thakur-inspired jewellery and showcase your own distinctive style with elegance! 

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