Radhika Madan Jewellery Collection

Young Bollywood superstar Radhika Madan isn't just captivating audiences with her talent; she's also turning heads with her appealing jewellery collection and inspiring fashion sense. Known for her Radhika Madan-inspired modern, chic, and edgy jewellery, her collection is a millennial's fashion dream.As a true-blue fashionista, Radhika never fails to impress with her intriguing choices, and a key element is her statement jewellery. If you love rocking unique party fashion jewellery with dramatic cuts in bright and bold colors, then the Radhika Madan jewellery collection is your perfect inspiration.Get ready to elevate and add a touch of drama to your personality and your party outfits. Learn how to style statements and oxidized jewellery like Radhika Madan wherever you go!

The 'It' List

Step up the ladder of fashion with our ‘it’ collection. Find jewellery sets for the wedding, from traditional Indian jewellery to rings. Buy these handcrafted pieces of jewellery online that are captivating and radiate luxury.

Check Out Radhika Madan's Elegant Jewellery Choices

1.Radhika Madan In Oxidised Green Pearl Ring

Radhika Madan upgrades her wardrobe with Ishhaara's oxidized green pearl ring. She paired the ring with a printed black and white saree where the oxidized silver of the green pearl ring beautifully boasts a rich, dark tone that complements the green pearl featured in its center. 

The pearl itself offers a touch of organic elegance adding a sense of individuality to the piece. This adjustable ring worn by Radhika promises a comfortable fit for most wearers, making it a versatile accessory that can effortlessly go with either dressed-up or casual wear.

2.Radhika Madan in Peacock Oxidised Earrings 

Rocking with a strapless cowl-neck midi dress, Radhika Madan recently stunned fans with her latest photoshoot. The real eye-catchers, though, were her gorgeous oxidized peacock earrings by Ishhaara.

The earrings themselves were silver studs with a beautiful peacock design. The feathers fanned out gracefully from the round stud, adding a touch of elegance to her entire look. These lightweight earrings are perfect for everyday wear,  a trendy choice to boost your confidence for any occasion.

3.Radhika Madan In Oxidised Komudi Multy Bracelet

Adding to her bucket, is an oxidized komudi multy bracelet, no doubt a revealing accessory to Radhika Madan's outfit.  She looks stunning wearing an oxidized komudi multy bracelet by Ishhaara. If you look closer, the bracelet has a special finish that makes it look aged and unique. Its design mixes traditional patterns with a modern touch, making it fancy.

Each part of the bracelet is carefully made with lots of details, showing off the skills of the craftsmen. When Radhika wore this, the bracelet's appearance was revealed beautifully, celebrating different cultures and craftsmanship.

4.Radhika Madan In Geometric Hoop Earrings

Geometric hoop earrings are also one of the add-on fashion jewellery by Radhika Madan. She beautifully paired Ishhaara geometric hoop earrings with her printed co-ord set featuring a sleeveless corset top with a vibrant floral design and trendy colors, teamed up with matching cargo pants. 

These earrings are gold colored and have a geometric design revealing a thin, curved tube of gold metal. The tube is smooth and polished, and it curves around to meet itself at the bottom of the hoop.  Overall, the earrings give a modern and minimalist look.

5.Radhika Madan In Oval Dangle Earring

Oval dangle earrings by Ishhaara can be your next Radhika Madan-inspired jewellery. Adding these pretty earrings made in silver color with a flat, twisted design in your closet can sparkle and elevate your style. Wearing these earrings with a western outfit keeping minimalistic is a go-to way and versatile making a chic and bold look.

Own Your Look With Ishhaara's Jewellery for Every You

Whether you are looking to buy any trendy, bold, or chic pieces or intending to buy Radhika Madan-inspired jewellery collection online, all our collections are curated with the utmost care, and love and are safe to wear. All our curated range and the ones in the wardrobe of Radhika Madan are designed specifically to embrace your charm. Our collections meet:

  1. Comfort & Confidence:  Look and feel your best without irritation. We use hypoallergenic materials that are gentle on sensitive skin so that you can wear your favorite pieces all day long.
  2. Shine Brighter, Last Longer: Our jewellery is crafted with high-quality, tarnish-resistant materials and is completely waterproof. This makes your pieces maintain their brilliance and beauty, season after season.
  3. Sustainable Care:  Taking a page from environmentally conscious brands, we prioritize ethical sourcing and eco-friendly practices whenever possible. 
  4. Celebrate 100% Craftsmanship: Forget boring trends everyone else has. We offer unique jewellery handmade by skilled craftspeople. 

Say goodbye to dull and colorless jewellery! Find the perfect pieces of Radhika Madan-inspired jewellery at Ishhaara adding a vibrant, waterproof touch and expressing your individuality that complements your charm!


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