Soha Ali Khan jewellery collection

Everyone knows the royal beauty that Soha Ali Khan is. The Pataudi princess exudes elegance and sophistication in every outfit she carries. Be it traditional or Western, she looks beautiful and captivating in both. But what takes the cake is the women’s jewellery she is often seen wearing. The vibrant hue of colours and the royal gemstones make it even more alluring. In many pictures, you can see how well she balances traditional and Western outfits. At Ishhaara, we bring you the Soha Ali Khan-inspired collection that will go well with both traditional and Western outfits. This collection is the epitome of grace and sophistication. 

 The collection consists of two pieces of artificial jewellery. One is a three-tiered-drop earring, and the second one is an abstract face dangle drop earring. Both earrings are made with passion and love by Ishhaara’s craftsmen, which you can cherish for a long period of time. One of the best aspects of these women’s jewellery is the glamour they exude with sophistication. Crafted with precision and passion, each earring is made from the finest material that ensures longevity and durability. 

 These Soha Ali-inspired jewellery are the most versatile, with the warmth of gold and the projection of different multi-colours and metals. At Ishhaara, we believe that every piece of jewellery is waiting for its story to unfold. With that, we want you to experience the same passion we feel for the jewellery. Bring home the collection you feel extra in, unleash your inner creativity, and cherish it for many years due to the quality and durability we offer. Your satisfaction is extremely important to us; hence, we bring you an experience you can never forget and return to us with a new story that you can proudly flaunt and want to create that you can tell and share with loved ones.

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Features of Soha Ali Khan-Inspired Jewellery Online

This collection caters to the different tastes of women in jewellery. Who wants to balance Western and traditional outfits with the same jewellery? At Ishhaara, the satisfactory smile you give after wearing women’s jewellery is our top priority. Hence, let’s take a look at the features of your smile behind it. 

 Anti-tarnish: To make you cherish and love these artificial jewellery for many years to come, they are coated with advanced anti-tarnish solutions. It will help in the prevention of environmental damage that lets you keep them for many years without changing their colours. 

 Handcrafted: With skilled craftsmanship, these women’s jewellery are handmade with passion that you can feel when you wear them. The quality of each small detail is top-notch, making it durable and versatile to wear on different occasions. 

Gemstone: The gemstones sourced in the making of these artificial jewellery are of quality that is durable and will not lose their lustre with time. You can wear these earrings and flaunt them without thinking about the quality of the gemstones in them.

Explore the Soha Ali Khan-Inspired Jewellery Collection

1.Geometric three-tiered drop earrings: Soha Ali Khan paired these dazzling earrings with a purple dress that she looks ravishing in. The drop earrings go well with the neckline and the hairstyles she opted for. The projection of pastel colours makes it even more beautiful and alluring. You can pair these artificial jewellery with different cocktail dresses like Soha or soft traditional outfits too; they will complement both types of attire well. 

2.Abstract face dangle earrings: Soha wore these statement earrings with a beachy outfit that goes well with these earrings. The earthy tone of the earrings balances the black and white striped outfit that Soha wore. These artificial jewellery are quirky and add personality to the attire. You can wear these earrings to formal events or casual outings too.

Jewellery Care

Keep these artificial jewellery in a cool, clean, and dry place away from moisture and harsh lights. To increase the shelf life, keep the pieces sealed in a box or zipped in a packet to avoid scratching and tangling with other jewellery. Refrain from putting moisturiser, perfume, and other harsh chemicals too close to the ring.

Get Your Hands on Soha Ali Khan Jewellery Online

 Bring home the collection curated by Ishhaara to your dressing table and start your journey of self-exploration in the fashion world. These women’s jewellery are what classic fashion brings to life. The perfect blend of traditional and modern collections. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the collection now.


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