A Glimpse Into Taapsee Pannu Jewellery Collection

Taapsee Pannu’s fashion game has always been on point. Her jewellery choices are nothing less than a masterstroke. Be it her promotional looks for her recent movie Dunki or her airport looks, Taapsee always nails it with her minimal yet sophisticated jewellery. We have numerous pieces of Ishhaara’s jewellery that have been spotted on Taapsee Pannu. We are Presenting our exquisite range of Taapsee Pannu jewellery collection, including statement necklaces and contemporary earrings!

The 'It' List

Step up the ladder of fashion with our ‘it’ collection. Find jewellery sets for the wedding, from traditional Indian jewellery to rings. Buy these handcrafted pieces of jewellery online that are captivating and radiate luxury.

Features of Taapsee Pannu Jewellery Collection

Our Tappsee Pannu jewellery collection has been carefully curated. Each jewellery from the collection is a piece of art and easily makes a statement jewellery in a snap. We have designed our jewellery to be:

  1. Hypoallergenic-free
  2. Anti-tarnish
  3. Waterproof 
  4. 100% stainless steel

The intricate details are highlighted, even in the most minimal earrings and studs. Each piece you’ll find in Taapsee Pannu jewellery collection is super-unique and individualistic.

Choose Your Style ft. Taapsee Pannu Jewellery Collection

1.Taapsee Pannu in Triple Hoop Earrings

Taapsee wore golden triple hoop earrings and a white dress. It instantly elevates the look of simple and pastel-coloured outfits. Our triple hoop earrings feature three hoops paired together to create a sophisticated design. These hoop earrings go well with modern and semi-traditional outfits.

2.Taapsee Pannu in Nest Pearl Earrings

Tapsee paired the golden nest pearl earrings with a yellow dhoti-saree and created a statement look. This little nest pearl earring features a super intricate and sophisticated design. The design has two parts- a highly coiled nest that beautifully saves the pearl and a circle at the top that is so lurid and gleams with gloss. The nest pearl earrings can complement and steal the limelight with all outfit types and hues. 

3.Taapsee Pannu in Dome Drop Earrings

The dome drop earring is another statement piece that Taapsee chose for a promotional look. The dome drop earrings are subtle pieces of drops with intricate detailing at the other end. They come in two different colours – gold and silver. They are super affordable and highly durable and can instantly level up a boring and casual outfit!

4.Taapsee Pannu in Aquamarine Earrings

Taapsee wore our aquamarine earrings with a LBD. Our aquamarine earring is a gleam of emerald green. The earring features a gaudy oval stone fused with bluish stones to give this stunning aquamarine appearance. The colour combination makes it a statement earring and gives you a touch of culture and traditional gleam.

5.Taapsee Pannu In Diamond Choker With Earring

Taapsee chose our glistening diamond choker (Silver colour) for a night party. The stunning diamond choker features a regal bordering and layering of minute diamonds aesthetically. The pristine whiteness dominates the tone of your look and instantly radiates charm. We have three colour options – silver, gold, and rose gold in this diamond choker set that also comes with a pair of matching drop earrings. 

At Ishhaara’s Taapsee Pannu Jewellery collection, you will find the best statement jewellery that is super affordable yet celebrity-approved. Discover our range of celebrity jewellery that radiates sheer elegance and elevates your fashion game instantly!


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