Tamannaah Bhatia jewellery collection

Celebrities are trendsetters, and Tamannaah Bhatia is one of them. This southern beauty never fails to mesmerise us with her unique and polished fashion statement. Experience her jewellery collection and style with Ishhaara. Make every outfit count, just like her. Flaunt your style with our collection of contemporary designs crafted to feel confident. Whether you’re looking for a minimalist piece or a bold and glamorous statement, this jewellery offers endless possibilities to express your personal style and make a statement that truly shines.

The 'It' List

Step up the ladder of fashion with our ‘it’ collection. Find jewellery sets for the wedding, from traditional Indian jewellery to rings. Buy these handcrafted pieces of jewellery online that are captivating and radiate luxury.

A Preview of Tamannaah Bhatia Jewellery Collection

Any woman cherishes earrings, and we understand that. Hence, we provide you with a collection that can be worn and loved for a long period of time. The Tamannaah Bhatia-inspired earrings are:

1- Anti-tarnish- 





At Ishhaara, we strive to combine quality with affordability. It's a customer-centric brand that cares about its deliverables at every step. The earrings have a modern look to classic accessories that are handcrafted. 

These earrings will completely align with the outfit and the event you wear it for. Our artisans select the finest materials and craft them with attention to detail. Later, quote them with top-quality polishing that is made to last.

Explore the Tamannaah Bhatia Jewellery Collection:

Spiral Dangle Earrings: These silver hoops in spiral form look quirky and fun. The colour will complement most skin. The spiral gives the illusion of tube-hoop earrings. These lightweight earrings won’t cut through the ear piercing, causing pain. You can pair them with casual or formal events. It will also make a great office-day accessory. Tamannaah styled it with a white shirt and open, messy hair. Such hoops are praised for their catchy and unique designs. 

Water drop charm earrings: These earrings are contrasting in silver and gold. It is versatile and can be paired with accessories in different colours. These charm earrings can be worn for long events since they are comfortable to carry. These earrings have a perfect water drop illusion that looks elegant and sophisticated. 

You can pair these earrings with different dresses and gowns. Tamannaah paired it with silver and gold necklaces and a hair updo.

Tamannaah Bhatia’s Trendy Earrings:

Dangle earrings or earrings with unique patterns are trendy in women's collections now. Its ability to instantly catch the eye and work as statement earrings elevates any outfit. 

You can look at the spiral dangle earrings and water drop charm earrings that Tamannaah Bhatia wore on different occasions. It's the outfit's most prominent part, instantly catching attention. A woman can never have enough earrings, and these trendy earrings are a must-have. It will suit all occasions, from office looks to dinner plans later that day. 

 Check out these earrings that Tamannaah carried so beautifully. Ishhaara has brought you designs that will make experimenting with different outfits fun. Enhance your taste and say yes to trends in the most stylish way.


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