Sparkling Statements: Celebrity-Inspired Jewellery Trends from the Met Gala 2024

Sparkling Statements: Celebrity-Inspired Jewellery Trends from the Met Gala 2024

Met Gala 2024 is creating waves worldwide, isn't it? Interest is buzzing all around with Met Gala 2024-inspired jewellery collections. Every first Monday of May, New York City dazzles with a breathtaking event and showcases the star-studded glamour and regal aura of none other than the most awaited Met Gala. No doubt, the Met Gala 2024 is one of the most thrilling, exciting, sensational evenings on the list of the celebrity calendar.

As the designers and fashion enthusiasts spared no effort in creating bespoke couture for the event, no big celebrities were left behind drawing eyeballs with sparkling accessories. The viewers of the Met Gala are continuously looking for jewellery wore at Met Gala 2024 to take inspiration and recreate the Met Gala look with the adornment of multiple pieces.

Your wait is over now. Yes, you heard right! Today you will get all your answers on Met Gala jewellery collections 2024. Pull up your socks and sit with us throughout the journey. We will be revealing the mesmerising and breathtaking celebrity jewellery worn by the attendees of this year's Met Gala.

What Is the Met Gala 2024 Theme?

Before you get the alluring and intricate sleeping beauties jewellery worn by the Biggest Stars at the Met Gala, let us understand the theme of this year's event. You will be surprised that the dress code for this year's Met Gala was titled "The Garden of Time" relating to the iconic theme of "Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion."

This year the theme celebrates the opening of the Spring 2024 exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute. According to Max Hollein, CEO of the Met Gala 2024, "This innovative and thoughtful theme will push the boundaries of our imagination and invite everyone to experience many facets of work. People will be keen towards knowing more about the history, and will gain a deeper connection with its glorious beauty."

Isn't the theme of the Met Gala inspiring? Of course! This must excite you. With no delay quickly start revamping your wardrobe with the Met Gala 2024-inspired jewellery collections.

Step Into Elegance of Met Gala Inspired Jewellery Collection

This year's Met Gala 2024 is something different. The red carpet is filled with sleeping beauties jewellery collections starting from stunning vintage pieces to iconic recreated designs that equally showcase a myriad of jewellery lines of aesthetic and appealing vibe. The Gala look also witnessed the power of well-placed bold necklaces, a thematic bag, headpieces, and high jewellery. The big fashion night of the year was also shining all around with embellished intricate pieces, a colourful diamond dangling, and a bag designed with roses.

The theme called "The Garden of Time" created different pieces of memorable accessories and the jewellery worn at Met Gala 2024 was positively replete among the attendees and participants. You will be astonished to know that the participants flaunted the event with bags in the shapes of dogs, indigenous hand-crafted earrings, birdcage veils and lace gloves.

Some looks of celebrity jewellery can’t be gotten out of the heads. It was so thrilling and captivating. From the adornment of the diamond precious gemstones, and hourglass bags, to the headpieces the participants donned thoughtful and show-stopping accessories to glam up the red carpet look.

Best of the Met Gala 2024 Inspired Jewellery Collections

The Met Gala event was a show-stopping one, no doubt. Every celebrity whether Indian or International adorned intricate and delighted accessories. Below we have compiled the best of the Met Gala jewellery collections altogether. Just scroll down and get everything about the Met Gala-inspired jewellery in one place. We bet you will be wanting more of this.

1. Isha Ambani in Hand Bracelets, Earrings and Choker

Isha Ambani in Hand Bracelets, Earrings and Choker
Isha Ambani was one of the participants of the Met Gala 2024. The star shined with her Met Gala jewellery at the event. She paired a custom golden-hued floral saree gown with a corset-styled, heavily embellished strapless top. Her outfit was filled with meticulously crafted and embellished with flowers, butterflies, and dragonflies all around.

This woman entrepreneur stole the spotlight of the show by adding heavy gold accessories, including traditional lotus hand bracelets (Haathpochas), parrot earrings, and a floral choker. The diva's unique allure and grace hooked the audience and she instantly became a centre of attraction with her captivating essence.

2. Zendaya in Emeralds

Zendaya in Emeralds

Zendaya’s appearance at the event also stole the limelight. The jewellery worn at Met Gala 2024 on the red carpet is one of the most eagerly awaited subtle looks. This year the co-chair of the gala and star of the new Luca Guadagnino movie Challengers went ahead and thought of adorning a single emerald ring directly from your closet and paired it with complementary earrings.

These simple and elegant pieces served as a perfect combination with her striking green and blue peacock gown. Her appearance was equally daring and gave her a theatrical look.

3. Alia Bhatt in High Jewellery

Alia Bhatt in High Jewellery
Why leave Alia behind? After all, she is a sensational and most charming actress in the Bollywood industry. The actress brought an opulent dose of glam to represent the country. She effortlessly commanded the celestial look by wearing a custom haute couture sari.

This time the dimple actress chose to adorn high jewellery to coordinate her attire which was embroidered with precious gemstones like emeralds, pearls, tourmalines and sapphires. Her overall appearance grabbed the attention of her fanbase and the viewers started searching for the Met Gala-inspired jewellery collections to recreate her look.

4. Nicole Kidman in Cluster Earrings

Nicole Kidman in Cluster Earrings
Met Gala celebrity jewellery is distinctly dazzling and adds an extra sparkle. The actress Nicole Kidman worked closely with Balenciaga and recreated a flamenco dress for herself.

Donning so much drama in the silhouette, the actress stunned everyone by incorporating understatement jewellery such as cluster earrings and a pretty eye-catching bracelet. This glamorous look left all the attendees breathless and redefined the art of style with a modern touch.

5. Ayo Edebiri in Pear-shaped Earrings

Ayo Edebiri in Pear-shaped Earrings
The “Bear” star was also no doubt cresting waves in the Met Gala 2024. Adorned with a floral from head to toe in a Loewe guipure lace gown, she completed her look with a matching hair band.

She opted for pear-shaped aquamarine pendant earrings, a timeless accessory and further added one big-sized diamond ring. This whole look of the star set the stage to some truly created some spectacular moments for the one's looking for Met Gala-inspired jewellery collections.

6. Lewis Hamilton in Motif Necklace

Lewis Hamilton in Motif Necklace
The British F1 driver almost hit the Met Gala jewellery collections with his adorable red carpet look. Pairing the Burberry outfit, the celebrity elevated the look with various fine jewellery. His way of incorporating a pair of diamond cluster earrings, a thorn-engraved motif necklace with yellow eye-catching diamond bracelets and a pearl diamond ring became a trendsetter at the event.

This look stole everyone's heart and the viewers of the event got excited to revamp the wardrobe with Met Gala 2024-inspired jewellery collections.

7. Brie Larson in Citrine Jewellery

Brie Larson in Citrine Jewellery
Brie Larson elegantly proved that sometimes the best look sparkles with minimalism and is a subtle version. Yes, you are reading right! Choosing a pair of early 19th-century gold pendant earrings and complementing the outfit with a cushion-cut citrine ring, and an oval-cut amethyst ring, she subtly stole the limelight at the Met Gala and became a centre of attraction.

Met Gala Jewellery: A Legacy of Elegance in 2024

Every celebrity jewellery worn at the Met Gala 2024 is more than just an accessory. It is becoming a part of the fashion-forward enthusiasts. Viewers repeatedly look to recreate the Aww moments with Met Gala-inspired jewellery collections. If you are also among the ones looking to solidify your red carpet look with Met Gala-inspired jewellery, you can't miss checking out Ishhaara's fine celebrity jewellery collections.

Our beautifully crafted, handmade pieces will surely rule everyone's heart and you will create a lasting impression by becoming the limelight. Don't wait any longer! Now is the time to rule the universe and get your slot to revamp your bold and edgy look!


1. Where can I find affordable versions of the jewellery worn by celebrities at the Met Gala?

Ans. Ishhaara is a full and ultimate way to grab all your Met Gala jewellery collections in one place. You will find various celebrity jewellery options catering to every requirement. You can easily recreate and revamp your wardrobe with our Met Gala-inspired jewellery line.

2. Can you provide examples of some standout jewellery pieces worn by celebrities at the Met Gala?

Ans. Yes. Examples of standout Met Gala jewellery list in a non-ending one. Still, to give you the gist of the best jewellery pieces worn by celebrities includes high jewellery pieces, chokers, hand bracelets, drop earrings, emerald necklaces, flower-engraved hand bracelets, and animals-designed earrings

3. How do I know which jewellery trends from the Met Gala suit my personal style?

Ans. To find out which Met Gala-inspired jewellery collections suit your personal style you can match your style and choose the colours and aesthetic patterns that grabbed your attention. You can also look into the themes showcased at the Met Gala event like classic elegance, bold statements, or minimalism pieces. Always consider your intuition before you get into the final piece.

4. What were some of the most notable jewellery trends showcased at the Met Gala this year?

Ans. Some of the notable jewellery wore at Met Gala 2024 includes bags in the shapes of dogs, indigenous hand-crafted earrings and bold necklaces, a thematic bag, headpieces, and high jewellery.

5. How can I create a red carpet-worthy jewellery look inspired by the Met Gala on a budget?

Ans. To recreate the Met Gala 2024-inspired jewellery collection look you can start by focusing on the key elements that exude glamour and choose the statement pieces that mimic the style of those worn at the event. Such as oversized earrings or layered necklaces. You can then mix and Match the pieces to create an impactful and elegant look.

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