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Neeta Ambani's Pre-Wedding Party Jewellery: Simple Elegance with a Touch of Luxury

Neeta Ambani has been successful in her life and career. She shines as a philanthropist, patron of arts and sports, businesswoman and an educationist. This superwoman inspires many women in everything from Business to fashion. When it comes to styling jewellery, Neeta is a pro! This diva defines elegance, luxury and gracefulness with her genius fashion skills.

Neeta Ambani Styling Jewellery
Nita Ambani, wife of Mukesh Ambani, sets the fashion standard bars high on all her looks. From casual looks to breathtaking wedding looks, she slays her fashion game. She has been the talk of the town after she excelled in the pre-wedding looks.

Neeta Ambani X Jewellery Inspiration

Neeta Ambani is an important celebrity influencer and all her moments have become fashion lessons. This powerful woman loves to style her jewellery in the most elegant way. Neeta’s youngest son Anant Ambani got engaged to the love of his life Isha Ambani. All her looks from pre-wedding to wedding looks set the internet on fire. Let’s dive deep into Neeta Ambani’s looks to elevate the fashion game.

1. Nita Ambani Defines Elegance In The Welcoming Ceremony

The internet goes blazing when it’s an occasion at Ambani's. The Ambanis hosted a pre-wedding celebration of Anant’s big occasion. The pre-wedding celebration was held for three days from March 1-3.
For the welcoming ceremony in JamNagar, Neeta Ambani was all dolled up in a beige ghagra with a Chikankari border and geometrical embroidery all over her dress. She paired her dress with a pearl scallop blouse adding elegance to her beauty. The diva is witty when it is about pairing up accessories.
Neeta Ambani in Beige Ghagra with a Chikankari border
She paired her saree with a luxurious layered pearl necklace and a long pearl earring for this occasion. She added style to her look with a gorgeous stoned bracelet and a solitaire diamond ring. Neeta opted for nude and minimal makeup with a red bindi. The diva left her hair free to complete her traditional look.

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Stunning Pearl Necklaces
Styling tip:
It is important to correctly style your stunning jewellery to set the fashion tone right. If you want to style your traditional outfit with pearl necklaces, go with dark-coloured outfits. This type of styling adds luxury to your overall look.

2. Neeta’s Fabulous Contemporary Style

For the evening of the Day 1 pre-wedding celebration, Neeta levelled up her fashion game. She adorned a Schiaparelli wine red gown giving her the chic vibes she needed that evening. The gown’s silhouette had gold and silver buttons designed vertically at both sides of her dress.
Neeta Ambani's Fabulous Contemporary Style
The beautiful gown had a one-sided drape, adding a unique touch to her modern style. She paired her plum gown with diamond and emerald earrings. She wore a bracelet embedded with diamond and green emerald stones. The star wore high heels elevating beauty with confidence. She secured her hair into a perfect side-parted low bun.

3. The Wild Look

The pre-wedding celebration comprises three days. On the second day, they involved the Ambani family and guests exploring the beauty of the wildlife in Jamnagar, Gujarat. They visited Vantara, Ambani's animal rescue and rehabilitation centre. The A-listers followed the dress code of Jungle Fever. They were spotted adorning beautiful dresses with animal prints and floral designs.
Neeta Ambani Jungle-themed Modern Dress
Neeta Ambani drew the mob's attention towards her with her jungle-themed modern dress. She looked chic in her shimmery green shirt and gold pants. This look had bossy and wild vibes. She paired her dress with simple solitaire diamond and emerald earrings. The cat-eye sunglasses complemented her classy look. The diva styled her hair side parted and left free completing her casual look.

4. The Dance Look

Neeta’s stunning wardrobe collection makes people admire her more. She opted to wear a stylish saree to set the floor on fire. The diva made some gorgeous moves to the song Pyar Hua Ikrar Hua Hai from the film Shri 420. Neeta along with her husband, Mukesh enacted a skit for their guests. The star adorned a saree with silver and peach lining designs and a blouse with a heavy mirror and beads.
Neeta Ambani Regal Beige Handloom Kanchipuram Saree
The diva is a pro when it comes to styling her jewellery. To add charm to her traditional saree look, she chose to wear a diamond necklace and matching earrings. She topped this look with a maang tikka and a few diamond bangles. Neeta let her hair free to add a classy look to her dance dress.

5. The Finale Party

Neeta Ambani flaunted her royal look for the third day of the pre-wedding celebration. She wore a regal beige handloom Kanchipuram saree. This saree looked stunning on her and will stay forever as many people’s top favourite looks of Neeta. She secured her hair into a high bun with some jasmine flowers for a traditional touch.
Neeta Ambani Inspired Emerald Necklace Blog
Clearly, this celebrity is forever in love with emeralds and diamonds. She paired her saree with a heavy diamond necklace with green emerald stones embedded all along the necklace. The exquisite necklace looked dazzling with a huge solitaire green emerald stone dangling at the end of her neck piece like a lucky charm. She was spotted wearing matching studs with green emerald and diamond stones. The diva also wore matching bangles and a diamond solitaire ring.

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Neeta Ambani Inspired Emerald Necklace
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Neeta Ambani is a favourite fashion star. People love to buy Neeta Ambani jewellery for their big and memorable days. These pieces of jewellery make fashion statements with minimal or no effort. One can even style them for a casual office look. Neeta’s simple and elegant styling technique teaches everyone how to upgrade their fashion game.


1. Is Neeta Ambani inspired jewellery suitable for everyday wear?
Ans. Neeta Ambani inspired jewellery is regal and best suits special occasions like weddings, parties and events. It’s exquisite charm elevates your traditional look adding the perfect touch of elegance.

2. What is the price range for Neeta Ambani inspired jewellery?
Ans. Neeta Ambani inspired emerald necklace at Ishhaara is one of its kind and is available starting from just Rs.6,350 only. You will also find the full set with a pair of regal emerald studs starting from Rs.25,000.

3. What are the key characteristics of Neeta Ambani inspired jewellery?
Ans. Neeta Ambani’s necklace is a heavy diamond necklace with green emerald stones embedded all along the necklace. The exquisite necklace looked dazzling with a huge solitaire green emerald stone dangling at the end of her neck piece like a lucky charm.
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