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CUSTOM CREATIONS: Designing Personalized Jewellery for Women

Currently, women are buzzing about personalized jewellery, as it is super unique and represents a personal expression. Depending on the idea behind the customization, it may also symbolize wealth, power, status, etc.


jewellery for women can also be custom-made of precious stones for astrological purposes, and this culture can be widely seen in our Bollywood stars. For instance, Shilpa Shetty Kundra, who wears a magnificent green-colored emerald ring, states that it brought more fortune in her life. Moreover, it gives a feeling of spiritual connection, and it has healing properties that can be seen across various religions and cultures.

shilpa shetty in precious stone ring


Abhishek Bachchan has also been spotted wearing a blue Sapphire and Emerald stone ring. This ring is close to his heart and crafted from various religious and astrological beliefs.

Abhishek Bachan in Precious stone ring


Why is personalized jewellery popular?

Indian women are more driven towards customized gold jewellery, which is believed to bring good fortune and blessings to them and their families. They strongly believe it is not only a piece of metal with various stones. But an artistic piece that represents their personality. This also makes it an investment for future generations.


Also, women prefer tailored jewellery over boring, displayed jewellery. Personalized jewellery offers a wide choice of options for selecting and customizing jewellery for special occasions. Whether you’re styled in a simple six-yard saree or a casual outfit, wearing a simple statement piece of jewellery instantly makes you look more stunning and elegant.


1. Ancient Connect

Personalized jewellery has been popular since ancient times. The best example of the history of Indian jewellery is Ajanta's paintings, which show a variety of jewellery worn by the royal peoples of ancient times.


Back then, artificial jewellery for women was heavy, embedded with precious gemstones and a mixture of rare metals, symbolizing their wealth. Even now, jewellery embedded with gemstones is pretty popular and a staple of many celebrity looks.


Similarly, signet rings were used in ancient times as substitutes for signatures and eventually became a status symbol among the affluent classes. Plus, personalized jewellery conveys a sense of power and authority, which is why even modern women love to adorn themselves with personalized jewellery.


At Ishhaara, we have a wide range of signet rings, ranging from ancient to classic signet ring types. You can check them out here!


artificial gold color rings for women

Aesthetic Signet Ring|Shriya Saran In Classic Signet ring|Classic Signet ring


2. Emotional Connect

Nowadays, traditional jewellery sets are also custom-made for special events, and you can find such types of custom-made jewellery on many online platforms. For instance, at Ishhaara, we have several types of personalized jewellery for your special occasion. Every piece of jewellery is made with the utmost care and connects you emotionally to your jewellery.


You can select your jewellery based on occasion, type of dress, skin tone, etc. Each piece stands out for its individuality, and we are here to help you select the best. Every piece of jewellery will represent a story you lived and the moments you enjoyed with your loved ones.


3. Religious Connect

Every Indian wedding carries a strong emotion and tradition. Likewise, the jewellery worn at the wedding shows the family's legacy with a hint of their strong religious faith, which can be witnessed among the Hindus.


Each customized piece of jewellery for women personifies a bond, story, feelings, and a person to remember on a special occasion. In some families, these personalized jewellery pieces are preserved and passed down through generations, carrying a unique story and emotions.


One such example can be seen in the Patuadis family. The youngest daughter, Soha Ali Khan, wore stunning golden and green stone bridal jewellery from her mother’s ancestry collection.

Soha Ali Khan in golden and green stone bridal jewellery


Personalized jewellery: The Best Gifting Option

Gifting personalized jewellery can be an impressive and meaningful gift for your loved ones. Some simple ideas are engraving initials and names, mentioning a special date, or a short message in any jewellery like a pendant, bracelet, or ring. Tailored jewellery gifts reflect the effort and time the person puts in, adding an extra personal touch of emotion.


It is a heartfelt way to convey your love and dedication to someone on a special occasion that can be cherished and remembered forever. Whether it's for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or a special date, gifting a piece of personalized Artificial jewellery for women would make a lasting impression and be more personal.


Personalized jewellery for Brides

The boom of personalized women's jewellery can be seen after the revolutionization of social media platforms. Celebrities wearing personalized jewellery at their weddings encouraged young ladies to buy personalized jewellery. Whether it is Aishwarya Rai or Alia Bhatt, every B-town celebrity has been seen wearing a custom-made timeless piece of jewellery at their weddings.

 Celebrities in their bridal jewellery

Ishhaara made it easy for everyone by offering a wide range of bridal collections where you can craft the wedding jewellery of your choice. So, not only celebrities but even you can look stunning on your big day by wearing custom-made jewellery, being a show-stopper, and enjoying the limelight. From traditional meenakari jewellery to contemporary Jadau and polki necklaces, we have something for every bride. 


customized bridal jewellery

Meena Kundan Bridal Set With Mathapatti|Green Kundan Bridal necklace set|Semi Bridal Goddess Lakshmi Haram


At Ishhaara, we also offer customized bridal jewellery options. All you have to do is give us a list of jewellery design inspirations, your wedding theme, and outfit pictures. We will develop a customized range of Artificial bridal jewellery collections exclusively for you. Join brides of Ishhaara – visit our website.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is jewellery important to women?

Ans. jewellery is essential to women as it represents power, beauty, wealth, status, etc. It makes a woman feel confident, is unique, and represents personal expression.


2. What types of women's jewellery are popular today?

Ans. A mix of traditional and contemporary style jewellery is famous among Indians. Gold and mixed metals with a touch of rare gemstones can be seen in Indian wedding jewellery collections. Personalized jewellery for women is also gaining a lot of popularity these days.


3. What is the significance of different gemstones in jewellery?

Ans. Every gemstone symbolizes a unique property, such as health, wealth, prosperity, luck, birth month, etc. It gives a feeling of spiritual connection and has healing properties that can be seen across various religions and cultures.

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