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Necklaces for Women: A Guide to Sustainable and Stylish Choices

From casual to occasional attire, jewelry adds value to your looks. It completes your dressing most aesthetically and stylishly. Necklaces for women are a symbol of feminism, and the trends keep changing every day. Top B-town celebrities from Deepika Padukone to Jhanvi Kapoor have shown us how to style necklaces, from chic airport looks to elegant wedding lookbooks.


As we hit 2024, you’ll find new necklace trends for the year. However, today, sustainable jewelry has made its place in the fashion space as more and more celebrities are vocal about going eco-friendly. Sustainably styling your jewelry can give you a guilt-free charm. Numerous online jewelry brands have normalized sustainable jewelry over just trendy jewelry. From necklaces for women to charming studs and chic bracelets, going sustainable will not limit your choices!


Necklace Trends for 2024

Contemporary necklaces easily take the limelight and can be a show-stopper even without other accessories. Let’s dive into the latest necklace trends for the year:


1. Chokers are making a comeback

Chokers have been an inseparable part of traditional bridal jewelry. We’ve seen B-town stars flaunt their minimally accessorized looks with a single heavy choker piece – no matching earrings, no multiple necklaces. From heavy designer chokers to minimal floral chokers, you will always find an option for any occasion.

traditional Choker bridal jewelry


Statement choker necklaces are a must-have for every bride. Kundan necklaces are pretty popular, especially among celebrities. Neha Dhupia, was seen flaunting a single Kundan choker piece with polki stones and regal emerald pearls for her big day. She paired it with matching jhumkas and a minimalistic maang tika – a minimalistic statement look indeed!

Neha Dhupia in single Kundan choker piece


At Ishhaara, we’re embracing the choker comeback trend. We have a wide range of bridal chokers (Kundan to Polki chokers) to fashionable and trendy chokers.


Styling tip: Wear chokers with deep necks to flaunt it. When accessorizing your V neckline, choose chokers that rightly fall within your beautiful V neck and form a V. When you simply decide to go with a round neckline to an office party, choose minimal moti chokers. Chokers also work classic to your off-shoulder look. One can even style off-shoulders with a beautiful silver necklace with a small pendant.


2. Layering/Stacking necklaces


Necklace layering is a form of art. When done right, it gives a new statement look every time. You can easily mix and match necklaces and create new looks by repeating the necklace pieces.

Jhanvi Kapoor in Layering necklaces


Jhanvi Kapoor knows how to slay in her casual looks. She’s been a pro at stacking necklaces and chokers at various events, and her love for stacking necklaces for a glam look is evident on her social media.


Styling tip: Choose different lengths of necklaces to layer, from short necklace designs to long necklace designs, to ensure your pieces do not overlap. Never wear necklaces that are so tight that you end up adjusting them instead of grabbing attention.


3. Sustainable necklaces


If there’s another necklace trend that’s making it big this year, it has to be sustainable necklaces. More celebrities choose sustainable necklaces not just for their ethical properties but also for their long-lasting radiance and shine. Several local artist-based stores like Ishhaara are embracing sustainable jewelry. It’s because we believe in keeping a small environmental footprint.

We have a versatile collection of gold and silver necklaces made out of 100% brass and stainless steel, respectively that are 100% sustainable.


Sustainable necklaces


A lot of imitation jewelry in the world is made with cheap quality materials and high volumes of plastic, which is harmful to the environment and the user. We at Ishhaara make it a point to use only those materials in our products that are long-lasting and sustainable - they can be used over a long period.


Why Sustainable Jewelry?

If you’re someone who takes fashion inspiration from Bollywood stars, sustainability fashion wouldn’t be new to you. Be it Alia Bhatt, who wore upcycled clothes for her mehendi ceremony, or Katrina Kaif, who chose eco-friendly clothes for her character in the movie Jagga Jasoos, celebrities advocate sustainability in all forms.


Alia bhatt in bridal jewellery


On that note, sustainable jewelry is on trend now. Everyone, from celebrities to online content creators, is flaunting sustainable jewelry pieces. Some celebrities do this to support the local artisans and to give them a fair price.

The unaesthetic side of the aesthetic jewelry pieces is a scary stiff. Many stories of child labor, malpractices, human rights violations, and many such issues would want everyone, from a minimalist to a jewel junkie, to opt for sustainable jewelry.

They are environmentally safe as they help reduce waste and contribute less to greenhouse gas emissions than traditional jewelry. Sustainable jewelry is a dime a dozen, and it lasts longer, unlike most other artificial jewelry, which loses its shine.


Types of Sustainable Jewelry


Sometimes, the vast options with jewelry can make it complicated to find truly sustainable pieces. Once you ace on what sustainable jewelry is all about, you don't have to work your fingers to the bone to discover the real ones. The most common types of sustainable jewelry are recycled and handmade jewelry.


Like paper, jewelry is also recycled, and a beautiful new design is made out of it. They can also be made from any recycled material, from wood to glass. Anything that is recycled is a green light.


Handmade jewelry is one of the most popular types of sustainable jewelry. There are a lot of options with intricate designs and fine detailing that are hand-made. They are impeccable without any flaws. Handmade jewelry is one of the most beautiful epic craftsmanship of India.


Jhanvi kapoor in Smooth Shiny Metal Earring


Jhanvi Kapoor, the OG of glam fashion, was seen adorned in Ishhaara’s smooth, shiny metal earrings, which are 100% handmade, sustainable, and made of stainless steel. Our range of metal jewelry is one of the best-sellers, with multiple celebrity sightings.

Planning to make a switch to affordable yet sustainable necklaces, earrings and bracelets? Check out Ishhaara’s everyday wear, which is 100% sustainable – starting at just Rs.99/- at our website.



1. Are there sustainable and eco-friendly options in the latest necklace trends?

Ans. Sustainable necklaces are in trend this year, and they will always be. The demand for these types of jewelry is always surging as celebrities are advocating eco-friendly choices and are choosing sustainable jewelry for it. 

2. How do celebrities influence current necklace trends for women?

Ans. Celebrities are models who have a special place in the jewelry trend. People observe everything they wear and make them a trend. The B-town models made the ethnic chokers as statement pieces while they wore them for weddings. Every jewelry trend seen today is celebrity-inspired.   

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