Get Holi Ready With Our Latest Oxidised Jewellery Collection

Get Holi Ready With Our Latest Oxidised Jewellery Collection

Holi is a festival that brings joy to everyone. For women, it's essential to prepare their clothing and jewellery to stand out on this special occasion. Our oxidised jewellery set can help you shine brightly in the crowd while you enjoy being drenched in coloured water.

If you’re looking for a perfect Holi jewellery set, we recommend checking out our collection at Ishhaara. Our experienced artisans have designed the best Holi jewellery inspired by celebrities renowned for perfection.


best Holi jewellery inspired by celebrities

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Holi Jewellery x Celebrities

Popular B-town celebrities have been spotted in Ishhaara’s stunning oxidised jewellery. Let's take a cue from celebrities like Shilpa Shetty, Karishma Kapoor, Sunny Leone, etc., on how to style and elevate your Holi look by pairing the perfect pair of oxidised jewellery.


1. Shilpa Shetty


Ishhaara is a popular brand known for its exquisite collection of oxidised jewellery, mainly nose pins. These nose pins are buzzed for their intricate designs and are highly coveted by many, including celebrities.

Shilpa Shetty was seen flaunting our oxidised nose pin. She was seen adorned in a maroon-coloured centric oxidised nose pin with a floral design to amp up her look. The nose pin's attention to detail and craftsmanship made it a popular choice among those who appreciate fine jewellery.


Shilpa Shetty In Oxidised Nose Pine

Shilpa Shetty Kundra In Oxidised Nose Pin


Styling tip: Whether you’re wearing a contemporary or traditional outfit, try pairing it with a smaller or larger floral design nose pin. And if you are planning to wear a nose pin on Holi festival, visit our online store.


2. Karishma Kapoor


The stunning Karishma Kapoor featured our latest collection of oxidised silver stud earrings, which our incredibly talented artisans beautifully crafted. These earrings are designed in the shape of a peacock, symbolising beauty, wealth, and pride, and have been a popular motif in Indian jewellery for centuries.


Karishma Kapoor oxidised silver stud earrings

Karishma Kapoor in Our Oxidized Mayur Parna Stud Earrings


At Ishhaara, oxidised earrings are made of high-quality alloy metal, which makes them light in weight and comfortable to wear. Whether you want to add a touch of elegance to your festival Holi attire or elevate your everyday look, these Mayur Parna stud earrings from Ishhaara are the perfect choice. So, why wait? Get your hands on these stunning earrings today and enjoy a stress-free and stylish Holi celebration!

Styling tip: Whether it’s a casual day or an evening dinner date, you can opt for twinkling silver studs that are simple, versatile, and effortlessly transform your look from simple to glam.


3. Kinjal bhanushali


To achieve a chic and fashionable look, you must consider donning contemporary attire and pairing it with Ishhaara’s exquisite oxidised green beaded necklace, just like Kinjal Bhanushali – a fashion influencer who influenced many hearts by giving a breathtaking look. She was seen flaunting Ishhaara’s green oxidised jewellery set.

This necklace is a true standout piece. Its intricate design features a stunning floral motif and delicately attenuated pearls, undoubtedly adding elegance and sophistication to any outfit.


Kinjal bhanushali oxidised green beaded necklace

Oxidized Green Beaded Necklace


Styling tip: With Holi just around the corner, it's the perfect time to flaunt your fashion game. Try wearing a white deep-neck kurta with white pants or a white schiffli dress and pairing it with a long oxidised necklace or other oxidised jewellery such as chokers, bangles, rings, and more.


4. Sunny Leone 


Sunny Leone is quite famous for her captivating beauty and fashion sense. She was spotted wearing Ishhaara’s oxidised golden chrysathrus ring with an elegant black and golden mixed traditional lehenga, highlighting her unique sense of fashion. The ring was crafted meticulously and features a mesmerising design that instantly elevated her red carpet look.


Sunny Leone in oxidised golden chrysathrus ring

Sunny Leone in Oxidised Golden-Chrysathrus Ring


Styling tip: Whether you prefer a simple and majestic look, go for oxidised silver rings or a bold and dramatic one, go for oxidised gold rings. These oxidised rings suit your style and taste and can be paired with a salwar kameez or saree. These combinations can create a stunning and cohesive look that will make you stand out.


5. Kiara Advani 


Ishhaara’s oxidised silver earrings are part of Kiara Advani’s personal jewellery collection, and we're super proud of it. During a photoshoot, Kiara sported a jaw-dropping look by donning a gorgeous three-piece red dress with a floral-design overcoat. To complete her look, she paired it with Ishhaara’s sleek and hot oxidised earrings, which caught everyone's attention.

The earring was adorned with red coloured stones and had a beautiful floral design, but what made them truly unique was the little ghungroo at the end, adding a touch of cuteness to the overall look. The intricate design and unique patterns of oxidised earrings make them a must-have accessory in every woman’s jewellery collection.


Kiara Aadvani in Oxidised Red Stone Stud

Kiara Aadvani in Oxidised Red Stone Stud With Ghungroo


Styling tip: Whether it’s Holi or any other festival pairing, an oxidised earring will do the magic in a fraction of a second. This rustic piece of jewellery is famous for its aesthetic look. In Ishhaara, you can find a variety of oxidised silver earrings and a blend of traditional and contemporary style outfits such as gowns, shararas, lehengas, etc.




Oxidised jewellery is a favourite choice for celebrities and those who prefer subtle coloured jewellery. It's also versatile and pocket-friendly, effortlessly amplifying any simple look. If you want to add a pop of vibrant colors to your white Holi attire, don’t forget to check out Ishhaara’s artificial oxidised jewellery collection!



1. Does Holi powder stain oxidised jewellery?

Ans. Usually, Holi powders are non-stainable powders, and the oxidised jewellery won't get stained easily as they are strongly treated with chemicals that help to prevent the jewellery from stains. So you do not have to worry about your jewellery during Holi.


2. Can I wear oxidised jewellery in Holi with traditional attire?

Ans. Yes, you can wear oxidised jewellery with traditional attire, which will be a great combo. And because of their versatility, they are not only limited to traditional outfit but also go well with contemporary outfit.


3. Why is oxidised jewellery famous for Holi?

Ans. Holi is a festival of colours, and the subtle colour of the oxidised jewellery will elevate the overall look of your attire. It won't get stained easily like other jewellery, so you can use oxidised jewellery for Holi.

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