Jewellery Trends Inspired by Kriti Sanon

Jewellery Trends Inspired by Kriti Sanon's in Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya

Kriti Sanon has been a popular fashion icon in B-town. From her promotion looks to airport looks, Kriti effortlessly pulls off complex fashion elements. In her recent film Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya, starring Shahid Kapoor and Kriti Sanon in lead roles, Kriti played the role of a humanoid. But the best part is her fashion game was on point and hit all the right notes.


Kriti Sanon in hoops


Kriti’s jewellery choices have been picture-perfect. From minimalistic hoop earrings to heavy designer chokers, the star slays in all of them. Every appearance has been a statement, be it her recent movie look or airport style! Let’s have a look at Kriti’s most recent and best fashion choices.


Kriti Sanon's Jewellery Collection


Kriti never fails to choose jewellery with intricate designs and fine detailing. Her style evolution has been crazy. We have curated the best looks of Kriti in recent times. Have a look at it below:


1. Kriti Sanon in Polki Kundan Choker


Kriti’s lehenga look from the movie Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya, went viral.
The star was seen styled in an ivory embellished lehenga with silver embroideries. She paired the lehenga with a charming white Kundan choker with polki stones and her hair open in waves. This look easily made it into the wedding lookbook of the year 2024!


Kriti Sanon in Polki Kundan Choker


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White Polki Kundan Choker set

White Polki Kundan Choker set


If there was another time when Kriti slayed in a white Kundan necklace, it was at one of her recent photoshoots. The star was seen wearing a regal white dress and a no-earring look. Instead, she chose Ishhaara’s round Kundan single pendant drop necklace to complete the minimal yet exquisite look.


Kriti Sanon Round Kundan Single Pendant Drop Necklace

Kriti Sanon Round Kundan Single Pendant Drop Necklace


2. Kriti Sanon in Linked Ring


Black was Kriti’s color for 2023. Last year, the star chose black for most of her promotional looks. Be it promoting her movie Ganpath or posing for her gram’s photoshoot, Kriti slayed in black. One such look that went viral was this black suit from Versace.


Kriti Sanon in Linked Ring

Kriti Sanon In Linked Ring


The star opted for a minimal jewellery look. She ditched earrings and chokers and chose linked rings from Ishhaara. The stone-studded linked rings feature a beautifully intertwined design that represents the intertwining of two lives or the unbreakable bond between loved ones.


3. Kriti Sanon in Small Hoop Earrings


This iconic introduction scene of Kriti in the movie Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya lives in our hearts rent-free. The actress is seen wearing a simple blue suit and a pair of small silver hoop earrings with open hair. The charming, subtle hoops elevated her no-jewellery look in a snap!


If you’re looking to shop for similar hoop earrings at an affordable price, you can check out our hoop earrings collection. We have the most versatile hoop collection, which is super trendy and highly durable. Check them out below:


Hoop Earrings Collections

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Hoops have been in style forever. They are versatile, trendy, and easy to style. The best part? Kriti Sanon has been spotted in various hoop earrings multiple times. Kriti once again slayed in black for her Gram photoshoot. She chose a street-style look and paired a classic black blazer with blue ripped jeans. To complete the look, she chose Ishhaara’s flat hoop earrings.


 Kriti Sanon in linked flat hoops

Kriti Sanon In Linked Flat Hoops


Kriti Sanon in linked flat hoops was a visual treat! The hoops just radiated sheer elegance, and the black aviator glasses completed the statement look. You can check out our shimmering gold-linked flat hoop earrings here!


4. Kriti Sanon in Classy Studs


Kriti knows her stud game. She’s one of the few stars who can slay even in a pair of minimal studs. While promoting her movie Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya, Kriti Sanon was seen in an LBD from YVON paired with a chunky black and white stud. The details on the stud earrings were intricate and gave out a playful vibe!

Not just contemporary studs, Kriti’s ethnic studs have always left a statement look. Be it the Kundan stud she wore at the National Film Awards or the polki studs she wore for a classic photoshoot, her choices have been perfect!


Kriti Sanon in Classy Studs


Our favorite look is Kriti Sanon in Polki Kundan studs from Ishhaara. She chose our lightweight and trendy white-polki studded Kundan stud earrings to pair with a pastel-colored suit.


Kriti Sanon In Polki Kundan Studs

Kriti Sanon In Polki Kundan Studs


But that’s not it! Yet another time, Kriti chose Ishhaara’s studs for her classy appearance. While promoting her beauty brand Hyphen, Kriti chose our silver C-shaped stud earrings to pair with her neon lemon co-ord set. Large teardrop-shaped pendants inspire the design of this stud. These earrings are known for their statement-making size and elegant, flowing design.


Kriti Sanon has definitely made it to the fashion divas this year! From her promotional looks for the movie Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya to her on-screen appearances, the star has spilled several fashion lessons in artificial jewellery.



Kriti Sanon’s looks are minimal and can be easily re-created. All her studs, hoop earrings, and rings can be styled in everyday outfits like a floral dress or an office suit. If you’re looking to buy Kriti Sanon-inspired jewelery, don’t forget to check out our Kriti Sanon jewellery collection at our online store.



1. Where can I find jewellery similar to what Kriti Sanon wore in 'Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya'?

Ans. You can find them at our online store. From the hoop earrings to the polki Kundan choker Kriti Sanon wore in the film Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya, we have similar pieces of it all.


2.  Can you suggest some affordable options to recreate Kriti Sanon's character's jewellery looks?

Ans. You can check out Ishhaara’s silver hoop earrings to recreate Kriit’s iconic look from the movie. Our hoop earrings start at just Rs.99/-.


3. How can I incorporate the jewellery trends inspired by the movie into my daily outfits?

Ans. Kriti Sanon wore minimalistic earrings in the movie. Thus, you can easily incorporate the trends inspired by the movie into your daily outfits. Be it the studs or hoop earrings, you can always pair them with a classic blazer or a shirt. 

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