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Steal Her Style: How to Rock Ishhaara Earrings Like Alia Bhatt

Being a Bollywood superstar, Alia Bhatt is well known for her fashion sense on and off-screen. Whether it is all about being papped candidly or spotting her in an ad film, you can never get your eyes off her charm and style.


temple earrings

Alia Bhatta In Lakshmi Guttapusalu Haram Jewellery Set


That said, Alia Bhatt was recently seen in a Flipkart commercial named “Mauka Jo Bhi Ho, Bas Flipkart karo” in a traditional South Indian look. She was dressed up in a yellow silk saree, and her hair tied up in a bun. But what caught our eyes was the Alia Bhatt jhumka in Flipkart ad. It’s a royal gold Jhumka from our Lakshmi Guttapusalu Haram Jewellery set, and she looked supremely stunning.


A little backstory for you

We got a message from Alia Bhatt’s team requesting jewellery pieces for her. And we instantly sent our best-selling temple jewellery sets. And we never knew that she would wear them for the “Mauka Jo Bhi Ho” Flipakrt ad. And then, one fine day, we saw Alia stunning in our shimmering pure brass jhumka with the divine touch encrusted.


And that isn’t all. Alia Bhatt liked our temple jewellery so much that she came back and wanted another piece and placed another order on our website. But we said “Please consider it as a gift from Ishhaara”. 


But she refused. She wanted to pay for it and support homegrown brands and push them in whatever possible way. And we are super grateful for her kind gesture. 


Alia Bhatt and Jhumkas: The Deadliest Combination Ever

Alia Bhatt and Jhumkas are inseparable. From the iconic Jhumka gira re to Alia’s traditional looks, we always see her flaunting an iconic jhumka. Be it the intricate designs or the colour, Alia aces her jhumka game every single time. For any important occasion, you’ll see Alia in jhumkas. Be it her wedding, where she wore uncut diamond and pearl jhumkas, or flaunting her maternity kaftans with silver jhumkas, the actress knows how to wear jhumkas like a pro.

 temple jewellery set

Alia Bhatt Silver Jhumka


From the time she was promoting Ghangubhai Kathiawadi to Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani, Alia’s love for jhumkas has always been evident. Not just gold polished and artistic styles, Alia knows how to flaunt silver jhumkas which go well with any outfit type – traditional or contemporary.


alia bhatt in silver jhumka


If there’s another time that Alia took her jhumka game to the next level, it was at this reality show where she dressed up in a black anarkali suit and paired it with black tribal jhumkas radiating limitless charm.


long jhumka


But this time, there’s something REALLY extra behind the Alia Bhatt jhumka in the Flipkart ad. It’s an exclusive temple jewellery piece made out of pure brass and real gold polish. It glows with sheer elegance with a serene and shimmery finish that you can never see in any other artificial temple jewellery

The Inside Details of Alia Bhatt Jhumka

Temple jewellery is a classic example of art and decoration combined. Temple jewellery's elaborate patterns, rich cultural history, and sacred symbolism never cease to enchant jewellery designs. At Ishhaara, we craft temple jewellery sets, each of which perfectly captures the timeless appeal of this exquisite craft.


One such piece was what Alia Bhatt was wearing in the Flipkart ad. Alia Bhatt is wearing the Lakshmi Guttapusalu Haram Jhumkas from Ishhaara. Created with intricate craftsmanship, the jhumkas from the temple jewellery set reflect a spiritual touch and magical blessing. The crafting is fine-detailed, and the design of Lakshmi proves this set is a Magnum opus. 


Ishhaara’s Timeless Temple Jewellery

At Ishhaara we have a versatile range of exquisite temple jewellery, including the ones we sent to Alia. There are several variations and designs of Ishhaara earrings inspired by Alia Bhatt’s style. From the Semi-precious haram jewellery to Kemp Guttapusalu, Ishhaara’s temple jewellery results from intricate craftsmanship – made out of 100% pure brass and a super high-quality process.


Timeless Temple Jewellery


The pinnacle of Ishhaara’s temple jewellery is the intricate design and the representation of idols in an artistic manner to craft each jewellery set into a statement piece. For instance, our range of Kemp jewellery sets highlights the “red” colour for which Kemp stands for. The gold base and red imitation stones are woven intricately, featuring artistic designs like peacocks, swans, mangoes, flowers, etc.


Chakra Pendant Stiff Necklace With Studs

Kemp Chakra Pendant Stiff Necklace With Studs


Well, that isn’t all! Ishhaara’s temple jewellery range features several statement pieces embedded with imitation stones like Ruby and Emerald with finely polished golden seam. You still have many options within these Ruby drops jhumkas– from Peacock embossed to floral or Lakshmi antique.


Ruby Emerald Tilak Jhumka

Ruby Emerald Tilak Jhumka


The best part? We have customers who shop for temple jewellery while they do bridal shopping. And they have 0 complaints, and there’s one thing they want to say – 


It is the best alternate investment to bridal gold jewellery I made. Ishhaara’s temple jewellery is long-lasting as they’re made out of pure brass and gold polish, and there’s nothing I can complain about ''.


Artistic temple jewellery, especially the jhumkas with the pure golden seam, are here to stay. Whether you want to style them with bridal wear or flaunt them with your Diwali outfit – you will radiate a whole new level of radiance. 


You can shop Alia Bhatt Jhumka and other similar temple jewellery collections at our website, for just Rs.7,750/-. We have a sale on other similar products. Hurry now.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can one purchase the Ishhaara earrings worn by Alia Bhatt?

Ans. You can get them at our website. Search for “Alia Bhatt Jhumka” and you’ll find it there.


2. Are there different variations or designs of Ishhaara earrings inspired by Alia Bhatt’s style?
Ans. Yes. We have a wide range of temple jewellery and 10+ different designs of the Alia Bhatt Jhumkas.


3. What type of Alia Bhatt jhumka is Alia Bhatt wearing in the new Flipkart ad?
Ans. Alia Bhatt is wearing the Lakshmi Guttapusalu Haram Jhumkas from Ishhaara – It is a type of popular Indian temple jewellery.

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