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Steal Her Style: Deepika Padukone's Fighter Movie Look with Ishhaara Hoops

Deepika Padukone is unarguably one of the top Bollywood stars and notably a fashion icon among the youth. From her chic airport clothes to her iconic red carpet looks, Deepika sways the crowd with her charismatic style.


That said, DP’s looks in her movies still rule the celeb stylebook. Currently, she’s reigning the pinnacle of the internet as her new look from the movie Fighter (starring Hrithik Roshan alongside) was released last week. In the trailer, the actress looked fierce in a uniform-ed look with subtle makeup and hoop earrings.


Padukone Slays as a Helicopter Pilot

Deepika Padukone, a helicopter pilot in the film, slays in her pilot uniform with her tied up in a bun. The aviator glasses complete the look to the T. The trailer featured Padukone in other scenes from the movie and the song “Ishq jaisa kuch,” where she was seen wearing chic clothes and sizzling golden hoop earrings throughout. 


While the fans are obsessed over Deepika and Hritik’s chemistry, we couldn’t get our eyes off her dapper look and fashionable jewelry. Deepika’s svelte frame looks from the trailer give us boss lady vibes. Her minimal jewelry, which includes a silver triple hoop earring and a Golden triple hoop earring throughout the film, leaves a classic impression. 


Deepika’s hoop earrings in Fighter complement her clothing without going overboard. The actress brilliantly pulls off a strong character while leaving an impact on-screen with her clothes and accessories. 


Unlike Deepika’s other popular looks, which usually include heavy jewelry and makeup, her look from “Fighter” is subtle yet savage. Her style matches the character she portrays in the film (described as determined and free-spirited). Deepika’s earring choices in such movies have been a BIG HIT! 


Decoding Deepika’s Look from “Fighter”

Playing the female lead in Fighter, Padukone looks classy as a Squadron leader, “Minal Rathore. " Shot in Kashmir, Deepika’s lookbook from the film features sharp winter clothes and minimal golden/silver jewelry. Get your notes & pens ready as we note down the best style picks from the film.

1. The Dashing Winter Wear:

Towards the end of the trailer, Deepika is seen on a bike with Hritik, making it an iconic scene from the movie. The actress wears a white and black striped turtleneck sweater, deep blue denim jeans, sunglasses, and elegant gold hoop earrings. Her makeup is minimal, and the tone goes well with her minimal gold jewelry, which stuns as a statement piece. 

                                 Deepika Padukone minimal gold jewelry


2. The Polka Freak

    This shot from the film’s other dance number features Padukone in a black and white polka dot mini dress paired with black knee-length boots. The smoky eye makeup completes the look, while the warm single hoop earring elevates the glam to the next level.


    Deepika wearing hoop earring


    3. The Ultrachic “Fighter”

      Even off-screen, while promoting the film, Deepika was seen dressed up as Minal Rathore, keeping up the subtle yet classic style. In the “Thank You Fighter” campaign, Deepika is seen wearing a sleeveless black tank top paired with sizzling Golden hoop earrings. She looked stunning as always, with her hair open and styled in waves. 




      Deepika in Fighter Vs. Deepika in Pathaan: Who Styled It Better?

      After the release of Deepika’s look from “Fighter” movie, netizens couldn’t stop comparing Deepika in Pathaan vs. Deepika in Fighter. While she effortlessly pulls off both characters uniquely, the characters share some common fashion elements.


      deepika padukone in hoop earrings


      Deepika’s characters in both films are defined as fearless, classy, and sassy. Deepika in Pathaan went all in with street-style aesthetics with a tinge of grunge fashion. On the other hand, Deepika in Fighter looks elegant and minimal yet voguish-styled and timeless. 

      But here’s a little secret! If there’s one thing that the two characters have in common, it’s the sleek and polished jewelry. In both films, DP slays in minimal gold and silver hoop earrings, which go stunningly well with street style and glam looks. 


      Deepika Padukone silver hoop earrings – The Next Viral Trend?

      Deepika’s obsession with hoop earrings has made the internet go crazy over this minimal statement earring. These little trendy hoops can elevate the look of any outfit, be it everyday wear or a glam look.


      The pinnacle is that hoop earrings are incredibly versatile and can go with all styles that exist. Want to level up a tough glam party look? Just pick Golden Hoops. Wanna go all playful? A Silver triple hoop earring is your ideal choice.  


      deepika, kiara and alia in ishhaara hoop earrings 

       Golden hoops accessorize all clothing and makeup styles, instantly offering a radiant glow. These hoops take center stage and fortify your minimal look. Netizens and even other Bollywood stars feel hoop earrings are the next big thing on the internet. 

      DP’s hoop earrings from Fighter must be on your list if you want some earring inspiration. 


      However, the item (Deepika’s Golden triple hoop earring) is priced at 2,699 INR from So Fetch. “That’s pretty expensive” – we heard you!

       triple hoop earringsTriple Hoop Earrings


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      Ishhaara Hoop Earrings worn by Deepika Padukone in Fighter Movie come in slender circle styles and give the perfect finishing touch to both everyday and special occasion styles. 


      Hoops are here to stay! Are you ready to add them to your wardrobe essentials?


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      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. Are the Ishhaara Hoop Earrings featured in Fighter Movie available in different colors or styles?

      Ans. Yes. You can buy them in gold, silver & rose gold colors and styles like triple hoop, geometric, etc.


      2. Are Ishhaara Hoop Earrings suitable for everyday wear, or are they more of a special occasion accessory?

      Ans. Ishhaara’s Hoop earrings let you flaunt your bold statement and suit both everyday wear and special occasions. If you want to go with hoops for a special occasion, stack them with other studs to pump it extra! Otherwise, a single hoop piece complements everyday wear incredibly. 


      3. Where can I purchase the Ishhaara Hoop Earrings worn by Deepika Padukone in Fighter Movie?

    • Ans. If you want to buy Deepika’s hoop earrings in the Fighter movie on a budget, check out hoop earrings collection.

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