Oxidised Jewellery

What is an Oxidized Jewlery?

Oxidized jewelries are silver ornaments that are oxidized through certain process to form a black patina on the sterling silver. Around 1100AD, during the method of refining metals was carried out to extract other impurities, the process of blackening silver first took place. This ancient Indian design technique gives the ornaments a shadow effect bringing it more into aesthetically appealing. 

Oxidized jewelries have a classic, antique feel that is sure to turn heads and these are attractive its due to its unique and rustic look. Oxidized jewellery looks great with a variety of different outfits and can be worn for any occasion, from a casual day out to a formal event. Oxidized jewellery boxes are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.


Lotus roots Stud Earrings


Heart chakra Ring

Oxidised Heart Chakra Ring 

There are numerous alloys like copper, zinc, etc though silver is used more in the making of Oxidized jewellery. In order to produce colored jewellery, nickel is often used. One of the trustworthy Indian brands is Ishhaara to purchase Nickel free oxidized jewelries.        
For some people there could be a possibility of allergy towards the oxidized jewellery that can cause some irritation from the tarnish on the ornament is silver Sulphate which is slightly toxic. Only few made in India brands provide Nickle free jewellery. Ishhaara is one among those few brands which is look forward by celebrities.

Maintenance is one of the important parts of owning any jewellery. As oxidized jewellery are long lasting and durable you need to keep few guidelines in mind to keep your jewels alive.
1. Make sure to store your Oxidized Jewlery in a closed box.
2. Keep it away from extreme hot or steam temperature.
3. Clean it gently with a cotton swab or cloth.

If you are fan of non-oxidized silver keep it clean by cleaning it regularly with an old, soft toothbrush, warm water and some washing up liquid or a mixture of baking soda and water and use polishing cloths or silver dip where appropriate to remove any surface tarnish.


Matsya chakra Stud Earring

Matsya chakra Stud Earring

In short, these ancient Indian jewellery needs to be worn and celebrated by every woman at least once in their lifetime as it is a lifetime asset. Check out these websites few some beautiful collection of oxidized jewellery.

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