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Style with Heeramandi Inspired Jewellery

Sanjay Leela Bhansali's debut series- Heeramandi: A diamond bazaar portrays the plight of courtesans with authentic touch and grandeur. The visuals and artwork capture the megalithic pre-independent India, the brocade sarees and regal anarkalis, spectacular mughal passas and naths, lively portrayals of nawabs and tawaifs. The series wholly entices the audience with awe.

Heeramandi jewellery are fashioned out from Shri Paramani Jewels with a lasting legacy of 200 years. The jewellery employed are meticulously designed and manually done with real gemstones and gold. Richa Chadha even proclaims humorously, “If I wore all of it and ran away, I could probably produce another film of my own with the cumulative worth.”

Is it possible for us to roam magnificently with regal golden jewellery? It is hardly possible.

So, Ishhaara brings you the trove of Heeramandi inspired artificial jewellery. Ishhaara is also impressed by the courtesans’ choice of accessories, Bibbojan’s swan walk, Lajjo’s killing looks, Waheeda’s stellar appeal for serene jewels and the elegant outfits of great nawabs and memsahibs, pinning us the notion of all that glitters are gold. Ishhaara went on spotlighting some of the women's jewellery from our trousseau to balance the trove of Heeramandi. Fareedhan: Touchstones to elegance

Fareedhan Touchstones to elegance
Fareedhan in the clustered passa becomes the humanistic recreation of La belle Ferroniere. Ishhaara brings out a similar bridal set of jewellery with clusters of pristine kundan stones detailing and the filigree patterning. Ishhaara maintains a golden gleam and intricate stone carving resembling Mughal aesthetics and craftmanship.

Sonakshi Sinha also nailed the character of Rehana with her choice of costumes and design getting highly noticed by the audience. Thanks to her designers!
clustered passa
The pristine serenity is vivid throughout her costume and jewel preference shadowing her character, Ishhaara’s collection gets inspired directly from her spotless shine. Our customised set of designer earrings in this set is a recreation of the traditional motif of lamps and flowers. Adoring this bridal set on elegant occasions can surely add grace to your glam and charming halo for your presence.
Lajjo The real Lajjavati
Richa Chadha streams as lovelorn Lajjo with an opulent choice of jewellery and costume precipitating her unrequited love. The dangler earrings with pretty nath and teeka are nothing but spectacular evidence of Bansali’s grandeur.
pretty nath and teeka
Similarly, Isshaara brings out an intricately carved nasal ring with a matching teeka and a gleaming pair of dangler earrings.
teeka and a gleaming pair of dangler earrings
The lightweight nature of this set can give you more comfort while slaying with your plush looks.
Heeramandi Jewellery
Pairing up this royal set with a silk embroidered saree is enough to make a graceful look.

Shama’s subtlety: simple yet startling
Shama’s subtlety simple yet startling
Shama from Heeramandi and Jaya from Laapatta ladies are analogous not only because they have dreamt a vision but also because they were performed by Pratibha Ranta. Her look is so connective and relatable due to her innate performance and some add ons in the form of jewellery and costume. Ishhaara also spotlights the simple and stunning bridal collection.
simple and stunning bridal collection
A subtle indo-arabic style of design is employed to make it simple yet intricate. The grandiose necklace is coaxed by a cute nose ring and a gleaming teeka. The set can be worn on any festive occasion to give a stellar look.

Alluring Alamzeb: Golden white gleam
Alluring Alamzeb Golden white gleam
Complete grandeur is the remark on the stellar look of Alamzeb, with a stunning attire and stupendous golden shine jewels. Ishhaara also comes up with a grand imitation of the golden charism.
nath passa necklace and maang teeka
The bridal set with its alluring nath, passa, necklace and maang teeka, where the precious stones are etched elegantly over the intricate designs.
Alluring Alamzeb
The alluring makeover further takes on the psychological strand of the character with her guileless psyche.
golden white charm heeramandi jewellery
The grandeur set of golden white charm can easily set the stage on fire with your regal outfit for festive occasions.

Blissful blooms of Bibbojan’s look:
Blissful blooms of Bibbojan’s look
Bibbojan is literally the show stealer of Heeramandi, played by Aditi Rao Hydari, with her swan walk disrupting the social media trends. Her charming look is catapulted by the adjoining factors of sumptuous Mughal accessories, ethnic costumes and the background artwork. This formulates an enchanting factor of willing suspension of disbelief, slowly forgetting us in the enticing beauty of Bibbojaan and her looks.   
Bhansali’s essential spotlight over her character along with details on her accessories in Gajagamini walk scene. Ishhaara is keen to present a similar set of grandeur from our treasury.
Elegant chic nath and Konkeni style necklace
Elegant chic nath and Konkeni style necklace and Mughulian style teeka encapsulate this eternal set. The earrings match so musingly with its polki designs and usage of Kundan stones. The traditional motif patterning of peacock and mango designs is beautifully etched with artisanal aesthetics.
Slay as a way:
The historical tracing of Heeramandi brings out the jewellery as assets to the courtesans. Thus, jewellery becomes a tool for enticement and a tool for survival simultaneously. Heeramandi as a district is spotlighted as a redlight area and epitomised as a diamond bazaar indicating the tawaifs of the area as diamonds.
Thus, the jewels and the courtesans become closely associated and analogous in nature. The verisimilitude of admirers getting charmed by courtesans and courtesans getting charmed by elegance and plush looks become synonymous. This again paves a question posed over jewellery, what they meant for? To get admired or to admire?
Ishhaara certainly protrudes the amount of self love through self admiration. Ishhaara’s handpicked choice of jewellery that resembles the glamorous trove of Heeramandi, conquers the pathway of self admiration. Heeramandi interfused a patch of modernity in traditional tales, Ishhaara keenly interlocks a strand of tradition in modern aesthetics employing slay as a way.
Moreover, the artisanal aesthetics and craftsmanship employed give a regal external architecture and lightweight comfort for your convenience.

Occasion to slay:
Why should courtesans from Heeramandi have all the fun and slay? You can don aptly and slay in the festival. It is damn sure to dazzle all the eyes and not feel overdressed. From Haldi, Wedding, Anniversary to traditional festivals, the jewels can be worn by pairing them up with silk textured sarees, lehengas or textured ghagra cholis.
The versatile and enticing looks can be easily produced. With modern Mughulian stylistics infused, the Indo-Arabian mix can surely illuminate radiance as you wear them.

The jewels are easy to maintain, portable and created to be skin-friendly. Though they are grandiose and glamorous, the maintenance won't take much effort, so you can buy them and slay them without worrying. Moreover, the stones are perfectly etched with artisanal aesthetics, they hardly expel out.
So, your trove can be mini heeramandi.


1.Can you explain the craftsmanship involved in creating Heeramandi-inspired jewelry?
Ans. Ishhaara brings the Mughal aesthetics and artisanal craftsmanship while designing the Heeramandi-inspured jewellery. Every set encompasses a regal range of jewels that are precisely handcrafted with handpicked gems. It is designed with skin-friendly and anti-allergic gemstones and materials.

2.How does Heeramandi jewelry differ from other regional styles in India?
Ans. Heeramandi jewellery is inspired and structured based on Mughal and Arabian style. Wherease, the regional ones are fallouts of Chola, Maratha and vernacular cults.

3.Can you suggest some versatile pieces of Heeramandi-inspired jewelry that can be worn in various settings?
Ans. Passa also known as jhoomer can be worn on bridal occasions. The opulent necklace can be worn in festivals to steal the spotlight. The hoops can be worn in versatile occasions due to its subtlety.

4.What materials and techniques are commonly used in crafting Richa Chaddha's Heeramandi-inspired jewellery?
Ans. Some of the materials used are gemstones, semi-precious stones, coral beads, finely polished components that are skin friendly. It implores the enamelling and motif printing and infusing meenakari work.

5. Can I get other celebrities inspired jewellery from Heeramandi?
Ans. Head to our website: and browse Heeramandi collection. It's just our sample magnum opus, you have a collection of masterpieces. Choose from the ocean of fashion statements. Order online and get them packed pristine perfectly.

6. Do you have any collection inspired from Sanjay Leela bhansali's universe?
Ans. Hey, we have!
Choose the one your heart and soul want.
waheeda inspired Bridal jewellery set.
Lajjo’s lavish haldi set.
Pratibha Ranta subtle statement maker.
Alamzeb Golden white glam set.
Bibbojan's blooming complete bridal set.

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