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Top 10 Artificial Jewellery Trends to Watch Out for in 2024

Hey Gorgeous! Are you slaying the artificial jewellery game? Sure, you must be! But, have you ever felt how powerful and impactful luxury artificial jewellery can be? High-end artificial jewellery can for sure transcend all boundaries and can completely nail your self-expression and individuality with changing times. Whether you are wearing jeans, T-shirts, blazers, jumpers, or traditional outfits like gowns, lehenga, sarees, etc there is a plethora of artificial jewellery for women online that can confidently add a unique personality to your fashion choices. 

Though there are wide options for artificial jewellery online, we've seen that it's never been easy to reinvent your wardrobe choices. Isn't it? Most women often get stuck looking at various luxury artificial jewellery online and continuously seek help for a wardrobe refresh. If you are also one of them finding artificial jewellery trends for 2024 to revamp your wardrobe, you are on the spot! Yes, to make your life easier and slay the fashion game, we've done the research and narrowed down the top artificial jewellery trends in 2024. 

Why wait? Let’s quickly learn the top 10 artificial jewellery trends and start making jaw-dropping appearances wherever you go!

1. Playful Layering Necklaces 

Playful Layering Necklaces
The first on our list of top 10 luxury artificial jewellery to flaunt your beauty comes the playful Layering Necklaces. Yes, the art of layering necklaces is ruling the artificial jewellery trends in 2024 with each layer telling a unique tale of yours. Whether you want to express your unique style or make a personalised statement, complementing your ensemble with layering necklaces is an ideal option.

The positive advantage of layering necklaces is that you can freely play with different lengths and add a new look to every piece. At Ishhaara, you will find a wide variety of layering necklaces. Some best-selling options include a Layered Chandbali Pendant Necklace, a Baroque Layered-necklace and a chunky Long Carvin Kundan Onyx Crystal Necklace. Trust us, just keep experimenting, mixing the metals, textures or lengths and slaying the artificial jewellery trends.

How to Embrace Layering the Artificial Jewellery Trends?

Want to take inspiration on how to embrace the art of layering high-end artificial jewellery for women? You must check out some of the popular celebrity-inspired luxury artificial jewellery like Monica Dogra-inspired Link Necklaces, Sushant Divgikr-inspired Big Pendant Necklace, and Pooja Hedge-inspired Showstopper Silver Necklace. These B-town celebs nailed their ensemble with Ishhaara’s playful necklaces and completely amped up the essence with jaw-dropping looks.

2. Colourful Precious & Semi-Precious Stones

If you are looking to add a vibrant touch to traditional and contemporary artificial jewellery, then you will be surprised to know that colourful gemstones are still ruling the hearts of millions. It stands second on the list of top 10 luxury artificial jewellery trends.

Whether you prefer a delicate, bold or high-end artificial jewellery collection, flaunting your elegance by adorning colourful precious or semi-precious stones is never out of fashion. From rich emeralds to sapphires, rubies, diamonds, Victorian Carving Stones, and many more, each piece of luxury artificial jewellery for women can add a classic and contemporary style.

At Ishhaara, you will find a wide variety of semi-precious artificial jewellery curated with detailing and fine jewellery. Some of our best-selling precious stones artificial jewellery online include a stone beaded drop ring, an Emerald Victorian green stone necklace, a Zirconia choker set, Rajwadi Chandbali teeka.

How to Embrace Colourful Artificial Jewellery Trends?

To help you take some inspiration on how to add a colourful vibrancy with semi-precious artificial jewellery trends, you can check Ishhaara’s best collections like Diyakrishna-inspired Multicolor Navratna Stone choker set, Madhuri Dixit-inspired Polki Stone earrings and Kajal Devgan-inspired Kundan embellished Bangle. These popular actresses effortlessly created some major iconic looks with Ishhaara’s luxury artificial jewellery and shined brightly with spectacular appearances.

3. Timeless Pearls

Timeless Pearls

Freshwater or Akoya pearls have always exuded your ensemble with sophistication and elegance. This year also among the list of top 10 artificial jewellery trends pearls slay the game in its popularity among women. To embrace artificial jewellery for women in 2024, you can consider incorporating modern and edgy pearl chokers, bracelets, earrings and even dramatic rings. Pearls' lustrous appeal makes it an ideal option for blending with classic and modern outfits.

At Ishhaara, you will find some trendiest luxury artificial jewellery like the Kalachakra pearl choker, royal pearl chain, pearl drop jhumka, pearl huggie studs, mother-of-pearl handcuff bracelet, and golden filigree pearl kada.

How to Embrace Timeless Artificial Jewellery Trends?

Whether you are incorporating pearl jewellery with formal, classic, traditional or contemporary, inspiration will definitely help you pick the ideal ones for yourself. To find the right ones, don't miss checking out the Shweta Tripathi Sharma-inspired Kundan pearl ring, Kinjal-inspired Kundan pearl Chandbali, and Alia Bhatt-inspired Multi-layered Freshwater Pearl Necklace.

These iconic celebrities by incorporating the pearl artificial jewellery from Ishhaara's closet created some revealing and eye-catching fashion statements that soon set a trendsetter among the fan following.

4. Stacking Chunky Rings

Fourth on the list of artificial jewellery trends to capture your essence comes the bold and chunky rings. Believe us, incorporating these high-end artificial jewellery into your ensemble will perfectly epitomise your sartorial choices. Try looking into eye-catching and glamorous pieces like statement rings, big cocktail rings, Kundan polki rings, or knuckle rings with small details. You can also try rings with bright gemstones, fun patterns, and artistic designs featuring animals, flowers, and Goddesses that can uniquely add an interesting look to your ensemble.

At Ishhaara, you can find a wide range of customised chunky rings. Some of our best-selling luxury artificial jewellery includes the Green Lotus ring, Sayer Ring, gold-plated Tiffany ring, Minimalist Ball Statement rings, and floral motif Kundan ring.

How to Embrace Chunky Artificial Jewellery Trends?

Looking to take some inspiration on how these elegant artificial jewellery can elevate your style? You must definitely check out how the B-town celebs are embracing the trends. For instance, you can check Alanna Pandey-inspired Heart Shape statement ring, Aaditi S Pohankar-inspired Victorian ring, and Shweta Tripathi Sharma-inspired Serenade ring. Trust us, these popular actresses incorporating these intricate and stunning pieces from Ishhaara's closet hooked everyone with their mesmerising and attractive appearances.

5. Dramatic Handcuffs

If you are looking to add a sophisticated look to your ensemble, then you will totally love the fifth artificial jewellery trend on our list. Yes, handcuffs are becoming a favourite high-end artificial jewellery among the beauties. Coming in bold, punk-inspired styles and subtle, these elegant pieces are a must-have to slay both elegant occasions and daily wear.

Whether you are looking to rock Met Gala events, slay Red Carpets to casual meet-ups, Ishhaara offers custom handcuffs. Some of our best-selling pieces include Multi-Color stone handcuffs, beaten wide cuffs, metallic leaf bangles, and designer stone multilayered bracelets.

How to Embrace Dramatic Artificial Jewellery Trends?

Those seeking to add an edgy and chic look with dramatic handcuffs must check out some of the trendiest celebrity-inspired collections like Chitrangda Singh-inspired Polished wedding handcuffs, Anushka Sen-inspired Stackable Bracelets, and Krystle Dsouza-inspired Linked Chain bracelet. Complementing their outfit with Ishhaara’s dramatic handcuffs, these beautiful stars effortlessly captured the trend and highlighted the best versions of contemporary designs.

6. Bohemian Oxidised Jewellery

Bohemian Oxidised Jewellery

If my beauties are looking to recreate the bohemian-chic ensemble, you will be happy to know that oxidised jewellery is ruling the hearts of everyone by ranking sixth on the list of the best online artificial jewellery shopping in 2024. Yes, the demand for oxidised pieces is continuously rising with everyone looking for oxidised handcuffs, statement rings, and extra-wide silver hoop earrings.

If you are also interested in adding both contemporary and vintage-inspired designs to your ensemble, Ishhaara offers the hot and trendiest collections. Some of our best-selling pieces include a black Polish Ethnic Choker with Ghungroo, an oxidised green beaded necklace, and an oxidised golden Chrysathrus ring.

How to Embrace Bohemian Artificial Jewellery Trends?

To help you replicate the bohemian-chic look in the best way, we've listed some of the B-town-inspired collections. Don't miss checking out Bhumi Pednekar-inspired oxidised red stone rings with ghungroo, Kiara Advani-inspired red studs with Ghungroo, and Huma Qureshi-inspired Kundan oxidised bracelets. These actresses incorporating the elegant pieces from Ishhaara's wardrobe created some major awestruck appeal and raised the temperature with their star-studded looks.

7. Sleek Fluid Earrings

Sleek Fluid Earrings

Girls who are looking to incorporate aesthetic vibes will surely love the sleek fluid earrings. Holding the seventh position on the list of online artificial jewellery shopping in 2024, fluid earrings are not to miss artificial jewellery in your wardrobe. Coming in lightweight with adaptability that fits every occasion, these artificial jewellery trends can surely add graceful and revealing looks to your outfits.

At Ishhaara, you will find endless options for fluid earrings. Some of the best-selling options include spiral vintage geometric drop earrings, gold-flower post earrings, butterfly hoop earrings and layered oval earrings.

How to Embrace Sleek Artificial Jewellery Trends?

If you are looking to take inspiration on how these sleek luxurious artificial jewellery will look on you, you must check out Tabu-inspired Tassel Drop Earrings, Namratha Seth-inspired Bisected Sun Ray Earrings, and Shriya Pilgaonkar-inspired Camelia Brushed Studs. These actresses complimenting the fluid earrings from Ishhaara’s wardrobe totally created a lavish and awe-inspiring look with all eyeballs on them.

8. Jazzy Hoops

The eighth on the list of top artificial jewellery trends in 2024 comes the jazzy hoops. Yes, this year hoop earrings have undergone a massive transformation. Though delicate hoops of yesterday's whispered elegance, today’s jazzy hoops loudly scream confidence. Coming on an array of materials, designs and shapes, from gleaming golds to adorned gemstones, these jazzy hoops are more than just artificial jewellery, they’re statement makers.

At Ishhaara, you will find an array of jazzy hoop earrings. A few of our best-selling pieces include square hoop earrings, heart hoop earrings, geometric hoop earrings, and Braided hoop earrings.

How to Embrace Jazzy Artificial Jewellery Trends?

Looking to incorporate jazzy hoops with a formal or informal dress code, don't miss checking out Taapsee Pannu-inspired Triple hoop earrings, Sanjana Sanghi-inspired Twisted Round hoop earrings, and Hansika Motwani-inspired Zic Zac hoop earrings. Trust us, these actresses complementing these delicate artificial jewellery online from Ishhaara's closet totally grabbed the attention of their faces, reigning supremacy with boldness.

9. Edgy Chokers

Edgy Chokers

My beauties, if you are looking for some more chic, iconic and trendy artificial jewellery online, you will be happy to know that edgy chokers have made a comeback. It holds ninth on our list of top 10 artificial jewellery trends. Snugly encircling the neck, this artificial jewellery can surely add an alluring and sophisticated look to any ensemble.

At Ishhaara, you will find a large variety of edgy chokers. Whether you're new to the world of chokers or a seasoned enthusiast, our online artificial jewellery shopping holds something for every need. Some of our best-selling luxury artificial jewellery include Flower Moti Choker, Diamond Choker with Earrings, and Blue Crystal Necklace.

How to Embrace Edgy Artificial Jewellery Trends?

Whether you are thinking of incorporating classic pearls or trendy tassel chokers, avoid missing the Tripti Dimri-inspired round Shape Kundan Choker, Akshaya Hariharan-inspired leaf crystal necklace, and Kriti Sanon-inspired geometric round choker. Totally, donning a beautiful dress, these actresses effortlessly made some major fashion statements with Ishhaara’s edgy chokers.

10. Statement Studs

Statement Studs

Statement studs are here to stay. Ranking tenth on the list of artificial jewellery trends, stud earrings are a fun way to slay in statements in 2024. Coming in delicate, diamond stud earrings to jumbo-sized studs, these gold, silver, chunky or dainty studs can be styled with almost every look and give you the simplicity and beauty you are looking for.

At Ishhaara, you will find statement studs in varied designs and shapes. Some of our top-selling artificial jewellery online include Vintage Enamel Multicolor studs, pearl statement studs, and Jewel Orbs studs.

How to Embrace Statement Artificial Jewellery Trends?

Looking for some inspiration to embrace the high-end artificial jewellery trends? Don't miss checking out Parineeti Chopra-inspired Moissanite Ad studs, Suhana Khan-inspired C Shape stud earrings, and Jasmine Bhasin-inspired Trine studs. Wearing these exquisite pieces straight from Ishhaara’s wardrobe, these B-town celebs beautifully graced their appearances and added a totally unforgettable charisma.

Stay Ahead of the Fashion Curve with Ishhaara

So, my girls, did you enjoy knowing the top artificial jewellery trends of 2024? Sure, you must be excited to embrace and slay the luxury artificial jewellery trends. Definitely, don't miss this opportunity, shine brightly this year before it ends.

Looking for more suggestions on elegant and classy online artificial jewellery shopping? No worries! Whether you are looking to slay in bold geometric shapes, dainty delicate chains, sparkling statement pieces or minimalist charm, Ishhaara has got you covered. Start with shopping by trends and make a unique appeal with no lobe left behind!


1. Are these trends available in a variety of price ranges to suit different budgets?

Ans. Yes, Ishhaara offers all these trendy artificial jewellery at affordable prices. We cater to every taste, budget and requirement. You can also find celebrity-inspired jewellery collections starting at just 199/-.

2. What are some tips for selecting the right artificial jewellery pieces based on these trends?

Ans. The best tip for selecting the trending artificial jewellery is to stay updated about the fashion choices through a reliable online website, and try those pieces that are versatile allowing you to make a statement with various outfits. You can also use the trick of mixing metals, go for layering the pieces, and add colourful textured designs aligning to the trends and slay the game.

3. How can I ensure the quality of artificial jewellery when purchasing online?

Ans. To ensure the quality of artificial jewellery when purchasing online, try reading the product descriptions of the collections, check the high-resolution images of the products online, and look into the material quality. You can also read buyer reviews, and ratings and learn about the durability of the products. Always buy artificial jewellery from reputable and high-rated brands online.

4. What are some care tips to maintain the appearance and longevity of artificial jewellery featuring these trends?

Ans. Some popularly used care tips for maintaining the longevity of artificial jewellery are to try storing each fine piece of jewellery in separate soft pouches to prevent the jewellery from scratches and tarnishing. Also, avoid using hard chemicals and keep them away from moisture, perfumes, and lotions, as they might damage the colour of the jewellery. Try regularly checking the pieces, wipe them with a gentle soft dry cloth and don't use it while showering, swimming, or exercising.

5. Can I find customizable options for artificial jewellery pieces to add a personal touch while still following the latest trends?

Ans. Yes, Ishhaara offers customised pieces that allow you to show your unique personality and let you shine confidently. For custom artificial jewellery you can contact us through email at or can also call us at +918925199510 with your specific details and requirements.


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