Chandbali Earrings

Hello lovelies! Do you love complimenting your outfit with dramatic artificial jewellery like pleasant chandbali earrings? Sure, you must be. But, have you ever graced the beauty of these dramatic Chandbali Kundan earrings? Aha! How beautiful and delicate they are, isn't it? Whether it be a Chandbali earring gold, Chandbali earrings silver or pearl Chandbali earrings each of these women's jewellery truly exudes the regal charm to your ensemble. 

Being a traditional form of earrings originating from Hyderabad, Chandbali Kundan earrings are becoming a popular traditional jewellery in modern times. As more and more shoppers are looking for Chandbali jhumka, Meenakari Chandbali earrings, and pearl Chandbali earrings, we've curated a list of top Chandbali earrings that are sure to rule your hearts in 2024 and get you a centre of attraction. With no delays, let's get into it.



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The 'It' List

Step up the ladder of fashion with our ‘it’ collection. Find jewellery sets for the wedding, from traditional Indian jewellery to rings. Buy these handcrafted pieces of jewellery online that are captivating and radiate luxury.

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Featured Chandbali Earrings at Ishhaara

Ishhaara’s closet unfolds a wide range of Chandbali Kundan earrings. Whether you are looking to make a timeless elegance with Chandbali earrings gold, Chandbali earrings silver, or Chandbali jhumka our beautifully curated artificial jewellery will surely help you replicate the spirit of both contemporary and traditional fashion choices. 

If you are looking to add a symbol of adornment and self-expression our Chandbali earrings silver collections such as Silver Uncut Kundan Polki earrings, Grey Moti & Stonework Chandbali earrings, Kundan Studded Silver Chandbali Jhumka, Vintage Crystal Rhinestone Chandbali Kundan Earrings is perfect to glam up your event. If you are looking to bring the grandeur of Indian heritage our Chandbali earrings gold collections like Rose Gold Chandbali earrings, Meenakari & Chandbali Kundan earrings are an ideal option for any occasion. 

To be honest, we hold an array of exquisite women's jewellery collections. If you want to explore our Chandbali jhumka and pearl Chandbali earrings, you must avoid missing our intricate Pearl Drop Chandbali Jhumka earrings, Pachi Kundan Motif Enamel Chandbali Jhumka, Bead Tassel Pearl Chandbali Earrings. Also, do you love adding a pop of colour to your ensemble? If yes, then you will totally love our Chandbali earrings like Cutwork Pink Chandbali earrings, Pastel Chandbali Kundan earrings, Long Designer Chandbali Kundan earrings and Wine Colored Chandbali earrings.

Trust us, exploring our custom artificial jewellery collections of Chandbali earrings will let you bring a distinctive grace to the table. Whether you want to slay in crescent, oversized chandbali earrings, or add subtle elegance, our artificial jewellery pieces are the ultimate go-to option every time you step out.

Best Selling Chandbali Earrings To Slay Your Beauty At Ishhaara

Ishhaara understands that looking into so many options, picking the ideal Chandbali earrings becomes a big task. To help you with this, we’ve listed some best-selling Chandbali earrings that will help embrace your regal charm with the right piece.  

1.Rajwadi Earrings with Holder

The first on our list of trendiest Chandbali earrings comes the Rajwadi Chandbali earrings. If you are someone looking for Chandbali earrings gold, this is a must-have piece. Recently Jasmin Basin, a popular television actress, complemented this beautiful traditional jewellery in her ensemble, trust us it was a mind-blowing appearance. Looking to add a touch of timeless beauty with cultural heritage essence? This women's jewellery is the ideal to-go option. 

2.Chandbali Motif Earrings

Looking for pearl Chandbali earrings to exude a classic charm and graceful look to your attire? You must definitely check Ishhaara's Motif Chandbali earrings. To help you take inspiration on how it will look on you, you must find Saiee M Manjrekar, a popular B-town celeb who opted to incorporate this beautiful traditional jewellery into her ensemble. Believe us, her overall look hooked everyone with getting her all eyeballs and she perfectly ruled the event. Perfect for every occasion, just go for it and slay your beauty.

3.Emerald Studded Chandali Kundan Earrings

Girls, are you a fan of diamonds like sapphires, emeralds, rubies, etc? Then you will totally love Ishhaara’s third trendiest Chandbali Kundan earrings. To rule your hearts presenting to you Emerald Studded Chandali Kundan Earrings. This beautiful women's jewellery featuring semi-precious stones like emerald with Kundan work is perfect to slay your unique personality at any event whether it be a wedding, Mehendi, religious ceremonies, or reception night. 

4.Resplendent Moissanite Chandbali Earrings

Fourth on our list of classic Chandbali earrings to make your fashion game on comes the Resplendent Moissanite Chandbali earrings. Featuring sparkling moissanite with Kundan work, these green pearl Chandbali earrings can be paired well with every ensemble. Look to don a beautiful lehenga, saree, or sharara suit and incorporate this traditional jewellery. It will surely grab everyone's attention and your star-studded appearance will nail the jewellery game. 

5.Bibbojaan Heeramandi-Inspired Chandbali Earrings with Maangtikka & Nath

Fifth on our list of timeless Chandbali earrings comes Bibbojaan Heeramandi-Inspired Chandbali Earrings with Maangtikka & Nath. If you are someone who is constantly looking to add Mughal-inspired fine jewellery, our Bibbojaan collection is a must-have piece. Featuring bold and vibrant Chandbali jhumka with a gorgeous Chandbali Kundan-studded Teeka and Polki nath, this is sure to create a bold and outstanding look at any event. Perfect for new brides-to-be, weddings and religious events, this piece truly blends Indo-Western styles and can elevate your ensemble.

Why Ishhaara's Chandbali Earrings Stand Out?

Sure you must be mesmerised by the beauty of delicate Chandbali Kundan earrings. We can understand your excitement level. To rule the hearts of everyone with your unique sartorial choices, Ishhaara's each piece unveils numerous benefits to the wearer. Come let us look into the top three reasons why Ishhaara's Chandbali earrings stand out.

1.Custom Designs Available 

Ishhaara’s entire range of artificial jewellery offers custom design options. This allows the shopper to personalise their ideal Chandbali earrings and match them with their specific preferences and styles. Ishhaara's collections confidently reflect your individuality. 

2.Eco-Friendly Practices

Our traditional jewellery collections are curated using sustainable and eco-friendly practices. This ensures your purchase of Chandbali Kundan earrings is not only beautiful but also ethically safe for nature. 

3.Extensive Variety

Our entire women's jewellery collections such as Chandbali earrings offer an array of styles ranging from Kundan, Meenakari, and pearls to semi-precious stone designs. This allows you to find your ideal pair with ease. Choose any pair you'd like and shine at any event.

Make a Statement with Ishhaara's Elegant Chandbali Earrings

With Ishhaara by your end, start blending both tradition and modernity with exquisite collections of Chandbali earrings. Whether you opt for custom designs or pick any of the Chandbali earrings adorned with gold, silver, pearls or semi-precious stones, our entire collection promises to bring a touch of regal charm to any ensemble. 

Freely browse our Chandbali earrings and start embracing your elegance now. Shop today and make a statement every time you step out!


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