Shriya Pilgaonkar jewellery collection

Shriya Pilogankar is the versatile actress of this generation; from working in movies to web shows, she has shown her adaptability through her character. At Ishhaara, we feel loved when we share her collection of jewellery with you. This collection is a reflection of her personality: bold, beautiful, and versatile. The most attractive part about this collection is how empowered and loved a woman feels after wearing it with full confidence, which translates into her outfit. The collection is curated for women who want to explore their preferences in fashion and style. It consists of statement earrings and everyday earrings that you can purchase according to your choice.

The 'It' List

Step up the ladder of fashion with our ‘it’ collection. Find jewellery sets for the wedding, from traditional Indian jewellery to rings. Buy these handcrafted pieces of jewellery online that are captivating and radiate luxury.

Features of the Shriya Pilogankor Jewellery Collection

Your love for jewellery is something we understand; hence, we have brought you the finest jewellery. Our pieces are a combination of durability and style; each piece of jewellery is a testament to the time that ups your fashion game in style. Check out all the features your favourite jewellery has. 

1. Anti-tarnish: We understand the frustration of losing your favourite jewellery's lustre over time. That’s why you need to bid farewell to tarnished jewellery with our advanced anti-tarnish technology. Our craftsmen have used anti-tarnish solutions in each piece. Now, you don’t have to worry about the constant polishing because you can bring home the brilliance craft. With these features, your earrings will remain radiant for a long time. 

 2: Waterproof: The season keeps changing, and with it comes a harsh environment that can affect the earrings. Whether you've been caught in a sudden rain or humid summer or want to take a dip into a salty ocean, you can dive deep without worrying about losing the style and shine of the jewellery. Our quality at Ishhaara extends beyond the aesthetic. 

3: 18k plating: We are all fans of shine that lasts longer, hence the gold earrings are coated with 18k gold plating that needs no polishing constantly. Its shine is the perfect hallmark of luxury and sophistication. Our collection offers an array of collections that captivate admirers. 

 4: Handcrafted: Every piece of earrings has been made out of love by our craftsmen and tells a different story of passion when in the hands of different people. Ishhaara believes in sustainability and promoting the raw talent of skill and passion to the world.

Explore the Shriya Pilogankor Jewelry Collection

Every collection curated is different, and if we had to name this one, it would be called a reflection of you. 

 Shriya Pilgaonkar in Hoops: You can never go out of fashion with simple hoops that can be super versatile. These small golden hoops are the perfect pair to wear to casual and formal gatherings, exuding class. You can pair these earrings with open hair or a sleek bun; they go well with all the different hairstyles you can love and flaunt. This timeless beauty complements different styles, from minimalist to bold. 

Shriya Pilgaonkar Big Pearl Statement Studs: Pearls are classic earrings, but what about if you turn that class into a statement? These earrings are perfect for those formal events where you want to make a statement without doing much. With the ability to complement different outfits, from Western to ethnic. These earrings make a perfect blend of fashion that gets remembered. 

 Shriya Pilgaonkar in Camellia Brushed Finish Stud Earrings:  Flower earrings are classic designs that are loved in different jewellery styles, and these stud earrings are no different. Sitting close to the earlobe, these earrings are the perfect way to look stylish. The stainless-steel earrings have sleek patterns and a pearl in the middle that balances the whole look.

Jewellery Care

Keep these earrings in a cool, clean, and dry place away from moisture and harsh lights. To increase the shelf life, keep the earrings sealed in a box or zipped in a packet to avoid scratching and tangling with other jewellery. Refrain from putting moisturiser, perfume, and other harsh chemicals too close to the earrings.

Get Your Hands on the Collection Now

Style is subjective; however, aiming to look good in different outfits is not. You can choose different pairs according to your style. Bring a collection that is bold and beautiful to your collection box today with Ishhaara.


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